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I Used It All Up: Buff Make-Up Camera Ready Primer

19 Nov

What does it take for a beauty journo/blogger to Use Something All Up? A really good product…

It’s that time of year.


All gone

I didn’t even realise how often I was reaching for Buff Make-Up Camera Ready Primer until it turned up empty.

Unless someone was sneaking in here and using it behind my back.

What I loved about this was its clear appearance and its gel-like consistency: it provided the perfect base for foundation without adding any colour. It also felt feathery soft on application. Also! It did exactly what all primers are meant to do and minimised my pores and fine lines.

This will be missed.




ME CHOOBS: Bliss and Elemis, That Is

20 Oct

Not me lady-choobs — I suspect this only plays in Ireland. Maybe even only in Dublin.*

I decided, as you do, that I wanted to smell like bliss’ vanilla+bergamot, which I love unconditionally and have written about before. I have used up my body buff and if I ever had the soapy suds, that was long gone. All I had left was the body butter, and I was all set for a good butterin’ from neck to toe.

Alas! The tube made the splattery-farty noise that is the death knell of product that dispenses from from such a package. LOL — sorry, it is very adolescent all up in here today.

I further decided that if there was a tiny blob yet to be had up this tube, I was going after it. So I got out the scissors.
BLISS all cut up
Except! There was like, tonnes of it left. This stuff is so rich that this was definitely way too much for one usage.

Damn! Nothing for it but to get out the cling film.
BLISS all wrapped up
It’s not a bad solution, but I am clearly going to have to feel vanilla-y and bergamot-y soon. Like, tomorrow.

And then! The very next day, I went to give myself a good scrub with Elemis’ Sp@Home Skin Nourishing Body Scrub
ELEMIS body scrub
Gah! The entire world of grooming is against me!

Look, I think there’s a little bit left…

Would you go to such lengths to get the last bit of a thing?


The bliss prices are in the link, but should you not be arsed:
Body Butter £20/€25/$28
Body Buff £28/€39/$36
Soapy Suds £16/€22/$18

Elemis Sp@Home Skin Nourishing Body Scrub
Go here for some gratuitous CumberPecs


*’Choobs’=tubes=internal lady parts. But you call them ‘yer choobs’ when you are annoyed about something. ‘How To Kill A Joke In One Easy Step.’


No 7 Sheer Temptation Knows No Season

17 Oct

I know it’s autumn, but I don’t care. I love this spring-ish lippy, which is on its way to being AUU {All Used Up.}
This is Pretty Please from No7, from the Sheer Temptation line {€12.95.} I love being able to lash on a pop of colour without looking.
So lazy. But: so pretty, this colour! It’s light, too, which makes a difference when I’m working in an office, sitting all day, and grazing. Blot, eat an apple, reapply. Or, in fairness, a bag of crisps.

I got colour-matched at Boots, and wisely went in on a day when I was wearing no make up, and it definitely made a difference in terms of getting a good match on the foundation. I came up Cool Ivory {€18.25} under these circs; when I got colour-matched at a recent Boots event, I came up Deeply Beige, I think due to the foundation I was already wearing — despite some of it having been cleared away.

The device used is similar to a photographer’s light meter, and once your ‘family’ of colour is established, you get a handy little card that has your colours on it. Here’s my colour-matched face, sporting the Stay Perfect Foundation and Moisture Drench lipstick in Soft Berry {€12.95.}
The foundation really is a terrific match; I find it to be not-as-long-lasting as I’d like. The lip colour? LOVE. It’s not nearly as low maintenance as its lighter cousin, but sometimes, a little extra effort is worth it.


Feeling very boldfaced today!


Snap! Judgement: Maybelline New York Master Graphic Eyeliner

8 Oct

The most basic criteria as regards choosing a Snap! Judgement object is that it has to make me express myself verbally almost on contact. So I knew this was a goer when I drew a wee line on my hand and went ‘OH YEAH!’
Maybelline New York presents Master Graphic Eyeliner. Graphic designer-y types will recognise its similarity — rightly, given the ‘graphic’ in the title — to a Sharpie, surely the best marker pen ever invented. Going back even further into The Wayback Machine, there was a brand of chisel-tipped markers that smelled completely and deliciously toxic and had black and white branding… ach, can’t remember the name*, but the rich opacity of that black was spectac.

This black looks pretty spectac, too, and yet it feels light as a feather. Will this give me the perfect eye line?

Once again, I scupper the whole point of this category of post.
MASTER GRAPHIC in the wild
I was a tiny bit wimpy, and only did a thin line close to the lash, but this went on without me making all the usual mistakes. It flowed just like a magic marker, and lasted for about seven hours in high winds and rain (srlsy.) I may play around with it, to get more of a Cleopatra vibe — I have confidence that I can manage it, and that it will last and last!





YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau Is Very OMG

6 Oct

TBH, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt like demanding ink-like coverage from a foundation. Yves Saint Laurent seems to think I have, insisting that their new innovation is the result of such a demand. Ink, like tats? I don’t know… I put off trying this just because I couldn’t imagine. Ink.

Well. Maybe paint is more like it. I wouldn’t mind the richness of Windsor Newton on my gob, minus the oil. I think maybe it’s the airbrush effect they’re talking about? Anyway, I finally cracked open my sample of Le Teint Encre de Peau — or Fusion Ink Foundation — and was stupid with happiness from the first touch of it on my face.

There are 21 shades in the complete palette, but only (only!) 16 to choose from in Ireland*; there’s a doe-foot applicator attached to the cap, which will get you going, but I went back over my face lightly a second time with a foundation brush. The eyes aren’t as sleepy as they ought to be, at the time of the morning these no-filter selfies were taken — I was so delighted with the result, it was better for my awake-ness than two cups coffee.



The thing that this does: when it dries, it doesn’t get that cakey look that some foundations unfortunately do. It looks coherent and smooth, yet nuanced — meaning that your face looks all one tone, without looking flat.

I’ve never use the words ‘coherent’ and ‘nuanced’ in a beauty review, ever. I am inspired to flights of fancy and creativity by this stuff. YSL The ENCRE ITSELF

Most importantly: later in the day, it pretty much looked the way it looked when I’d first put it on. Now, my world is not hermetically sealed. I don’t go from taxi to wherever to taxi to home, shuttled around like a hothouse flower. I walk, I take public transport, I move around, exposed to the elements. This was as close to element-proof as I’ve come across.

In fact, the other day for old times sake, I used what once was my go-to foundation, and I think it’s been replaced. The difference between the state of my complexion at the end of the day was stunning. Old Fave had gone all greasy and shiny; New Fave had a tiny bit of shine, but was predominately as matte as the moment it was applied.

I’m not saying that you won’t need to take some shine off at some stage during the day, if your day is a long one — you probs will. The thing is, you won’t be doing excessive damage control: I found the usual T-bar area (forehead and nose) needed an auld blot, but otherwise? It stayed true to its first impression — and that is truly impressive.




* That’s the impression I get from t’internet: there are 21 in Amurrica, probs due to a greater range in skin tones than we have here.

Two Hundred Days of Sexy Hair: Wella SP Luxe Oil

29 Sep

THE LUXE OIL ITSELFI cannot even begin to tell you how I had been yearning to try this stuff. I’d gone through a small can of Luxe Light Oil Spray as they say, for a short cut. I loved it, and used it as a finishing gloss, but I wanted something that was going to really get in there and keratin-ised my hair.

When I had my colour done at Mane Salon, Andrew had used some of the Luxe Oil on my locks, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Among other things, of course, but still. I think it was the word ‘elixir’ on the label. Don’t you just love the word elixir? Combined with ‘luxe’ and ‘reconstructive’, it sounds delicious and sexy and strong, all at once.

It can’t be said often enough: if it costs more, you use less. I know that you can bop into the chemists and get some hair styling product that is significantly less costly than €29.00, but srsly: you need like the barest breath of this on the hair, an eighth of a pump — you need to dispense the slightest rumour of this glorious elixir, and you will have more than enough coverage.

I use even less than the above prescription and it is sufficient unto the hair itself. Oddly, even though it feels so sleek that it might turn up greasy the next morning, I do get second day hair out of it — with the help, of course, of dry shampoo. HEY WELLA! How about some dry shampoo in this formula? I would die.

So, the littlest bit goes the longest way for the guts of two days. If you are barely using a ml of the 100mls on tap, you could have Two Hundred Days of Sexy Hair. Imagine that!



Merumaya Treatment Toner: I Am Converted

15 Sep

MERUMAYA tonerI have not been a fan of toners. Don’t know why… I think I reckoned that they were unnecessary, that my cleansing regime was just fine, thanks, and that I didn’t need anything else pre-night serum/cream.

Wellllllll — I’ve changed my mind. I like Merumaya’s Treatment Toner loads, and I wouldn’t be without it now. {If nothing else, using it shows me if I’ve done a proper job cleansing.}{Which, sadly, I mostly do not, but that’s another post waiting to happen.}{NOT that I’m using this to cleanse because that is, of course, a no-no!}

I found this great for my pores, which I am not angsting over all that much, but am happy enough to keep shrunken. I’m also happy with the hydrating feeling I get when I use it, and the way it interacts with the brand’s Iconic Youth Serum — my skin feels like silk after using them both, and more importantly, it still feels that way upon waking.

The brand have a deal on their site that I think is worth investigating if you are unfamiliar with them: the Skin Essentials Intro Set includes the Iconic Youth Serum, Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF 15, both in 15mls, and 100mls of Melting Cleansing Balm < this is so good, I feel like going and cleaning my face right this second. It’s £24.95; if you’re ordering from Ireland, shipping is the same as the UK (£3.95).

I talk about how I used up the serum all up, here; within, there’s also a link to a Q&A I did with brand founder Maleka Dattu, as well!


Snap! Judgement: L’Occitane Fouette Hand and Body Cream

12 Sep

I am totes not fou about hand creams, and really, really not a fan of shea butter.

But, this:
L'OCCITANE FOUETTE hand‘Fouette’ means ‘whipped’ French, and that’s just a great word. It actually sounds whippy — in French, anyway.

As I’m not a fan, I admit I approach hand creams with a sort resigned ‘whatever’ attitude. Well, I loved this on contact. It is so light that I didn’t feel like my hands got all slimy or that it was going to takes ages to absorb. It didn’t! It sank right in, and hang on, I’ve got to put on some more —

When you squeeze to dispense, it makes a sound like whipped cream out of a can, too! < That may be an American thing, not sure. You do have to move fairly quickly to get every inch of your hands covered, but I am happy with that. Done and dusted — or mositurised — in seconds.

Can’t wait to get stuck in with this, then!*


Hand Cream: €10.50; Body Cream: €22


*I totally cheated and tried it and didn’t write about it immediately, which mitigates the whole snap judgement thing, but I really like it. It, too, has a crackly sort of sound that it makes when you scoop it out of the tin, and it smells fresh and soapy in the cleanest possible sense. Tiny tin, though…


Love At First Night: L’Oréal Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil and Cream

8 Sep

AGE PERFECT oil Sometimes it takes me a while to work something into the schedule. Everyone loves a launch, but it’s rarely ever practical for me to post right away, or to try something out immediately — unless I fall in love with it at first sight — or in this case, at first smell, and at first touch.

I love oils: I’ve got stuff for my scalp all the way down to my toes, and I especially love love love facial oils. It is absolutely not like the oil you cook with, which I think has to be said — I know it’s the first thing that came to mind when these sorts of things started flying into the post box. Facial oils are fluid, for sure, but they have a slightly dry second touch, and when they absorb correctly, you have the luxuriousness of that fluidity, but you don’t have to wait hours for it to sink in.

By ‘second touch’, I mean: you put some on your hand, and think ‘Ooh, oily!’ and then it almost instantly starts to feel substantial. Like, it’s not going to just drip off of your face. L’Oréal Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil does that, and one stopperful of product — gorgeous, delicious-smelling product — covers the entire face and neck, and turns your skin to silk.

And then you wake up it still feels silky, and clean, and fresh. And then! You get to continue the good work you’ve begun with the brand’s Extraordinary Facial Cream. AGE PERFECT cream pot I know that the image had been styled, but in fact, the cream feels like that — like a soufflé for the face, all light and fluffy.

Fluffy face cream — surely it’s A Thing just waiting to happen.

I think that what we deem to be quality in a product — and what determines the cost, or what we are thought to be willing it pay — has everything to do with texture. Both of these win in the texture sweepstakes: both feel rich and in comparison with some products that I get to try, are truly reasonably priced. With RRPs of €25.99 for the oil and €22.99 for the cream, it’s manageable in the extreme. Also, pricier products can always be justified thanks to the truism ‘a little goes a long way’, and both of these adhere to that.

As rare as it is for me to immediately rotate something into the routine, it is equally so that I turf through that something at a rate of knots. I am turfing through these something fierce. I can’t recommend this duo more highly — and for mature faces? Yer only woman.


Available at your local chemists.


B&B! Q&A: Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts

1 Sep

ELLEN KAVANAGH Ellen Kavanagh is the brains behind Waxperts — not only the salon in Dun Laoghaire (represent!) but also the brand in general, which includes her bespoke wax, and the multitasking Ingrown Hair Pads. Born and bred in Rathfarnham, she studied beauty at Coogan Bergin College of Beauty Therapy part time, and returned to do the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO) course. “I knew I had found my future,” she says.

As regards her business model, it’s pretty simple. “I am always thinking of the business from the clients point of view, first and foremost. They’re the ones getting waxed and I want it to be the most amazing wax they’ve ever had.”

I’ve got a fairly high pain threshold, and haven’t found being waxed to be too taxing — but I gotta say, my Waxperts experience was pretty amazing. I found myself actually getting sleepy towards the end of my full leg/bikini session. I had to know more about the brand — and how in the world I could possibly want to snooze during a leg wax — and so asked Ellen some Qs; here are her As…

Was there a specific ‘Aha!’ — or more like, ‘Ouch!’ — moment that lead to your developing Waxperts Original Hot Wax?
When I began working for myself, I simply couldn’t find a wax I felt was good enough for my clients. Naively, I just thought “I’ll make my own!” and that was the start of it. I had been solely waxing for 3 years full time — I’m 10yrs waxing this year! — so I had a good idea of how I wanted a wax to perform and what qualities it should have.

How does one even go about developing one’s own brand of wax?
I tried and played around with absolutely every wax on the market. So I had a clear idea of what I didn’t want! Then I researched and found a chemist to work with me formulating the technical side and then I sourced a refinery to produce the wax.

There was some back and forth, mostly to get the colour and fragrance right. We hit on our unique formula and ingredients pretty quickly, so I knew after testing a few attempts that we had perfected it. I figured if I could create a wax suitable for even the most sensitive Irish skin type, pale and red haired, it would suit everyone. And it does. It’s lower temperature, which means it’s more comfortable for clients and the composition of it means it removes coarse or fine hair in one go.

We launched our second hot wax, Rosie Pearl, earlier this year and I’ve been creating that for around a year. It was trickier but so worth it! It’s an ultra thin film wax that sets on application but remains flexible. It’s ideal for experienced waxers and warmer treatment rooms or climates. Again, there is nothing like it on the market and it’s been a huge hit. The Waxperts range has grown but we are very careful not to bring out products just for the sake of it. We focus on innovation and gaps within our own market and take it from there.

I found my experience of the Original Hot Wax to be super pain-free, and also was completely chilled at the end of the treatment. How is that even possible?
The lavender scent throughout the range sets the relaxing atmosphere. It’s not about ripping someone’s hair out. We want to out the ‘treat’ back in treatment. Waxing is the number one treatment in salons so we aim to make the procedure as amazing as possible for client and therapist. WAXPERTS Ingrown Hair Pads

What lead to the development of the Ingrown Hair Pads?
Again, it came from clients that had issues with ingrown hairs. Although getting regular Waxperts waxes helped the ingrowns improve, some clients had stubborn ones or had them on areas where they shaved instead. We tested tons of applications, like lotions and masks, but we knew it had to be easy to use daily. That’s when we decided on the pre-soaked pads.

Also, what are other uses for them, if readers don’t suffer from in-grown hairs?
The pads are pre-soaked with salycilic acid, rosemary and panthenol. Salycilic is used widely to treat acne, so they work great on breakouts and spots as well as helping to clear blackheads. Upper arm bumps can be tackled easily just by using the pads on the area daily. We get tweets from people telling us new uses they found for them all the time! They’re magic!

Any advice for future entrepreneurs?
> Find something you absolutely adore. You’re going to be working and thinking about it 24/7 and if you love it, it won’t feel it’s work.

> Trust your gut. From the moment I planned Waxperts salon I knew it was all about the brand. Having faith in that helped me grow the business solidly.

>Help others. We work hard helping and supporting our stockists so they in turn can grow their business. In fact, one of our Galway stockists has taken the distribution for Poland and we’re helping her start that new business back in her home city.


Full leg wax: €40; basic bikini: €20. See for more information.

Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads: €9.95 on



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