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I Fully Support This Initiative: Origins Global ReLeaf

30 Mar

I think Earth Day is in April. Think? I can know that in a quick second — yes, that would be 22 April. Life without Google is simply not worth contemplating.

Origin are going one better, or 29 better, and have declared April 2012 to be Earth Month. I am digging this, and so will they: when you buy anything from their Perfect World™ line, the company will plant a tree on your behalf as part of their Global ReLeaf initiative.

That is excellent! I would very much like to have a dogwood planted on my behalf. One of the gardens in my new road has one, and it is gorgeous. Or maybe something majestic like an oak. Maybe I will just have to buy two products.

{I am quite sure that you can’t control the brand of tree they choose, so enough of that fanciful flight!}

I’ve been using the Antioxidant Moisturiser with White Tea* and have been liking it bunches. The thing with these lil’ tubes of Origin is that you think, Hmm, that tube is lil’, but you don’t need much to get excellently moisturising coverage. They sent me the new Origins A Perfect World™ BB SPF15 Age-defense Tinted Moisturizer with White Tea (€35.50/£27.00) which I am still in the process of forming an opinion about, and which is launching next week.

Opinion is fully formed re: planting trees. More of that, please.

Oh, also! Origin are holding a Trade-In Day in 21st April. If you bring in any empty skincare product (from any brand) you can trade it in for a complimentary full size of either Starting Over™ Age-erasing Moisturizer or A Perfect World™ SPF25 Age-Defense Moisturizer. Good deal!

*Will edit for prices when I get them. This may not have been launched yet, either.

In Which I Get Botox and Restalyne in My Face {VII}

30 Mar

I wrote yesterday that it kind of feels like the muscle{s} in my forehead are frozen.

Kind of? Definitely. Continue reading

In Which I Get Botox and Restalyne in My Face {VI}

29 Mar

I realise that people are reading about my face, so it follows that it {my face} would be scrutinised like a map. Maps are things that make you frown, right? Frown in concentration, that is: you’re looking for where you are going, and your eyes get squinty, and your brow furrows, and your mouth turns down.

The people who are staring at my face are going to need Botox! And I am going to undo all the work if I don’t stop making faces at my face as well!

It’s getting on… two weeks since I got treated. There are bumpy bits that came up yesterday, near to my mouth, where the Restalyne was injected. Cue another meltdown, which didn’t last long because, really? I’ve had worse pimples in the centre of my forehead. After having exhausted myself emotionally in the first week or so, I realise that energy squandered in this direction is a waste of time.

Speaking of the centre of my forehead. Continue reading

Speaking of God

28 Mar

No, really.

I’ve got all manner of things ranged across my desktop — the actual wooden surface of my desk, not the screen of my laptop — and one of the lot is Breath of God by Gorilla Perfume, which has been named one of the top 100 fragrances of all time.

No insult to the Deity, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

It’s strong {not surprising, lol}, but when I first used it, I sprayed it alllll over myself, and had a headache by the end of the day. Right this second, I have sprayed the tiniest amount, half a pump {yes, it’s possible} on the pulse points at my wrist.

Simon Constantine, perfumer at Gorilla, devised this scent upon returning from a trip to Tibet. The main notes of the fragrance are neroli, lemon, melon, jasmine, rose, vetivert, sandalwood, cederwood, amber, and musk. {I am still on the lookout for those perfume lessons.} Anyway, to me, without having any fancy knowledge about this sort of thing, there seems to be a terrific elemental balance to this fragrance, and perfect balance of masculine and feminine. In fact, I would very much like to squirt a dude with this, I bet he would smell yum-my.

I am finding that the eeensy amount I’ve sprayed is just enough. Every time I scooch up my glasses or play with my ponytail — lost in thought — I get a whiff off my wrists and it’s lovely: fresh; a bit sharp; invigorating, but not in a pushy way. Or, as the crowd who wrote The Little Book of Perfumes: The 100 Classics put it:

Surreal combinations – lemon ham, grape leather, bubblegum tobacco, loquat vetiver – rise from its depths each time it comes to attention, hour after hour.

Whoa. Lemon ham? I wish I even knew how to smell like that. Wow.

This is very intense, and even now, some time post-spritz, this is making its presence felt in a different way, as mentioned above; rather than fading, it feels like it’s getting stronger. Which is weird. So, if you are looking for a scent that lasts for, well, an eternity, I can recommend this one without reservation.

€39/£32/$42.95 for 30g

Little Book of Perfumes: The 100 Classics (2011) by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez can be purchased at all usual online outlets. I’ve just wishlisted one myself…

A Confession

28 Mar

I am really crap as regards SPF. Like, it’s probably in most of the stuff I use, but… if it’s not, it doesn’t even occur to me to supplement it.

Yesterday, on my way to horseriding, I met a lovey crowd of women from Image Skincare* who said, with confidence, that I must be swimming in SPF, because I am so often out of doors.

Uh, no, not really. Oops. Continue reading

Oh, Lush, Why Do You Do This To Me?

27 Mar

Not that I don’t want you to send me things — OMG, don’t stop sending me things! — but I swear, anytime there is a thing inside another thing, I go cray-zee with wanting to play!

The Immaculate Eggception is a double-layered bath ballistic, and you can hear the thing inside the thing rattling around. I made myself sit down and breathe, which allowed me to enjoy the Lush-y scents of vanilla absolute, ylang ylang, and grapefruit, and also to get a grip.

Not on the egg though, with the view to OPEN IT AND SEE WHAT IS INSIDE, but in order to calm down, because my water heater is waiting to be replaced and I can’t draw a bath.


The plumber is in tomorrow, and so I will have to just hang on til then. And given that the weather is bright and sunny, like, it is so not bath time, right?

{You just keep telling yourself that, love.}


Are You Feelin’ Lucky?

27 Mar

Then proceed directly to this site, and be in with a chance to win the 100 products that won 2012’s Irish Tatler Beauty Awards.

Fill in your faves, giving them a chance to win Reader’s Choice Awards, and that’s put you in for a chance to win an amazing hamper of beautyfull-ness.

Let us know how you get on!

Haiku Review: Chanel’s Perfection Lumiére Longwear Flawless Fluid Makeup

26 Mar

Once upon a time,
Shine was banished from the face.
Now, we call it glow.

‘You look about 11,’ remarked my friend and colleague last week, or even the week before — who knows, time is over. I won’t mention her name or even her initials, because she would maybe kill me, and that would be a pity because I now have the capacity to look youthful and dewy whenever I wish.

I remember fighting shine to the death, in my teenage years. The pressed powder compact was never far from my grasp, but it was really all about the foundation. The thicker the better, and wow, it is amazing that my pores didn’t just clog up and die.

Now, however, with age and wisdom, a nice light-reflecting face is the goal. Because then, paradoxically, you look youthful and dewy.

I got the vibe that Chanel’s Perfection Lumiére was pretty special from the first moment of application: light and yes, flawlessy fluid just as it says on the tin, but also excellent coverage, which I find to be essential when a product is a little more expensive than one might be used to. A pump and a bit expertly covered my roundy face, so those among us with less acreage and more angles will probs get even better mileage than I do.

The glow, it was blinding! Okay, not really, but obviously remark-able, as evidenced by the feedback from my friend, who is also a noted beauty expert. I remember that day {whenever it was} was a long one, but by the time I got home, well into the night, I looked as fresh-faced as I had when I’d first made up that morning. In fairness, I also use an illuminating face powder, but girls, if the base layer is questionable, forget about piling anything on it.

I have just realised that I wrote about using this here, so there’s the proof on my pudding-gob. Hey, even for a not-so-great iPhone self-portrait, I think that the quality of this foundation shines through. Or glows on. Whatever! It is fabulous.

From the Archives: Neutrogena Wave Duo

26 Mar

I am still sort of tip-toeing around my face, if you know what I mean. I have to google it up, but I haven’t given myself a mask in three weeks, and am only lightly exfoliating. This is of course due to The Botox.

I was daydreaming about giving myself a good scrub, and I came across this review of Neutrogena’s Wave Duo, which I had liked very much at the time. I remember I wasn’t so chuffed with the way in which the cleansing pads — which affix to the end of the Wave — were packaged: in a plastic-y wrap that didn’t close up tight. The images don’t appear to evidence a change in that approach.

I don’t think I feel secure enough in my skin {literally and figuratively} to use, but I highly recommend it as a handy and effective gadget for your continued self-care. Although, now that i think about it, I have a feeling that this didn’t make it across in the move… nope, I’m sure it didn’t, so I won’t trouble St Anthony. Ah, well. This is cheap as chips at €9.99, so I may just have to go out and get myself another one — when I finally feel like the, er, foundations have totally settled…

Can It Be True? Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense

23 Mar

I THINK IT MAY BE… Ever since I had my make up done by that lovely artist in Brown Thomas, lining my upper inner eyelid has been an inviolate part of my beauty routine. I had been happy enough with the pencil I’d ended up buying, but quickly switched to an Origins dial-up one. No, not like an old modem: the type of liner that doesn’t require sharpening because the product is encased in plastic.

Then Origins stopped selling their make up line in Ireland, and I began casting around, desperately, for a replacement. I eventually settled on my famous Karaja’s Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner, which has been the perfect replacement…

But I began to feel like I needed to replace the replacement, and only due to technical difficulties, which have resulted in using the pencil unerringly for a long time. It has gotten shorter. Because it is shorter, my hand is closer to my eye, and my eye thinks I am about to poke it out, because the fingers are so close. As a result, I blink like a crazy-blinking person, and I can’t get a good line on my inner eyelid.

Quel horreur! I’d been down this road before, and felt like I’d tried everything! And then I decided to give the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black a go. I had tried a Clinique pencil in the past — the wooden kind you have to sharpen — and wasn’t that keen. This one though? It is gooood. It’s the dial-up sort, and the line is always thin and precise. It has a bit of the ish that the regular pencil had, in that the product is so soft, it tends to smear during the course of the day/night. If you mind it, you can nip in the bud before you start looking like a panda. Otherwise, my eyes no longer fear the poking, and that softness does, of course, have its plus side: this goes on smooth as silk.

I’ve also got one in Intense Plum. I think that may be a great way to shake up the look.



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