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Ooookay, A Bit Much for Daytime, But Still: Smokelicious Eyes from L’Oréal

31 Aug

Sometimes I don’t think ahead. I was sitting here, taking a break from work-work, and I reached down into the box that lives at my feet, down to the right. This is the box that contains all the new stuff, stuff that needs to be to hand, but is to foot because I am trying to keep the top of my desk from being too cluttered.

I reached down, and my hand hit this, one of L’Oréal’s new eyeshadow palettes for autumn, in the Colour Riche Les Ombres line. Hmmm, I thought. Green. I always think that green will make my eyes bluer, but it makes me look like I am due to be carried out of my gaff feet first. Eh, whatever, I like the look of the plummy bit, and after squinting, even with my specs, at the wee diagramme on the back, I laid it on myself. Continue reading

Colourful Claws: Essie Nail Varnish

31 Aug

What a difference healthy nails make. Nail varnish, once relegated to be reviewed on my toes, because my fingernails were so, so manky, is now one of my favourite things in life.

Essie probably won’t thank me for posting a picture of a less-than perfect finish, but sistuhs: this is day four. Day. Four.

Here’s what my nails went through in four days:
> Horseriding
> Dishwashing x3/day, without gloves
> 3 showers
> Lots of keyboard work {I had a big gig in the last week} which I am only realising as I am now typing, does indeed have an effect

That’s high stress stuff! And yet: four days! And only a wee bit of chippage! I don’t know, I’m sure other people do better, simply because they are better at applying it, but me, I am dead impressed.

{What’s she talkin’ ’bout, horseriding? The gloves play utter havoc upon a manicure, of course.}

Clockwise from left: Beach Bum Blue, Smokin’ Hot, No Place like Chrome, and Really Red. I also got the very classic neutral, Ballet Slippers, and my abso fave, Nothing Else Metals, a lavender-y metallic wee bottle of gorgeousness.

I am going to remove this now {*sob*} and do up all the nails in Ballet Slipper, methinks. I’ve cut my splitty nail all the way down, which is why it’s covered up. But thanks to — I know, I know, it’s all I talk about — Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener, I have faith that it will grow back stronger than ever before. Because I wouldn’t even be bothering to paint my manky nails {not so manky now!} without its amazing benefits.



To Be Snatched Up On the Way Out of a Burning Building: Finishing Touch Lumina

27 Aug

The Finishing Touch Lumina Personal Hair Remover, to give it its full, glorious appellation.

Here’s the thing. I have inured myself to using the epilator on my chin, and below my chin. I get my eyebrows waxed, but can pull egregious hairs out one at a time. But the upper lip area? As sensitive and tender as the day I was born.

The only stuff that worked was some cream stuff I got at Boots — but that sadly let me down, and I have been wary ever since. The only thing worked was the Beauty Trimmer via, and as reported via that link, it doesn’t bounce, and eventually just fell all into bits and pieces.

Enter the FT Lumina, as I like to call it for short. Also available from JML, it is even better.

Look how fancy!

A faceted jewel concealing a mighty blade!

It doesn’t look all that mighty, but it is! Two swipes at the upper lip with this bad gal and buh-bye, annoying and unsightly hairs! No pain, no tears, no smelly cream!

The thing about facial hair is that it is sneaky. One day, there you are, bopping down the road, happily hairless, and then the next second — the next second — you are maybe sitting having a cup of coffee with someone, and you go to touch up your illuminating powder, and there they are, those feckin’ hairs, sticking out in all directions. Gah!

This is one of my most necessary beauty tools, and seriously, if you haven’t gotten the message — GET THIS.


For the record, other things on the list are: loved ones, iPhone, laptops, my stereo thingie, which isn’t exactly portable but is manageable, and my stuffed dog that I have had since I was 8 years old and has been everywhere with me.


€18 [approx], £14.99;

Clever, Pantene — Very Clever!

24 Aug

Here’s a pet peeve: packaging fails in the shower.

Oh, how I loathe tubs! They are so fiddly! And once you get them open, they can fill up with water and dilute your product, or! because you are trying to avoid the deluge, you set it on the edge of the tub, and then knock it over, and there’s your product all over the floor rather than all over your hair. Hate tha’.

When I got this tub of Pantene 2 minutes Deep Smoothening Mask, first of all I was like, Smoothening?!?!and then got all huffy about the tubbiness of it.

Then I looked at the top of the lid.

Now, that — that is pretty smart. The simplest of drawing conveying the cleverest of solutions.

Just peel back the foil…

And then twist the top back on! Then all you have to do is flip it open {okay, you may have to pry a tiny bit} and there’s your smoothening mask, ready to go!

I found it to be a total success in practice.

I don’t know if I felt that my hair was all that smoothened, but I must say that my highlights looked significantly highlighty-er.

A keeper, and an inspiration to package designers everywhere, I should imagine.

Bright & Boobyfull! The Belvia Bra

22 Aug

Some days… some days, you just want to give The Girls a break, don’t you?

I do. Some days, I simply don’t feel like hoiking ’em up in some class of underwire or push up bra. Days that are casual, you know? Nipping-down-the-shops days. {Opps, didn’t mean to do that, LOL.} Days where you’re sloping around the place. Days when the frontage can keep a low profile.

Today, in fact. Today I am sporting The Belvia Bra. Rather than sporting a sports bra, that is, which can also supply necessary support sans spectacle, but the mental shift required to just wear one and not do sport — nope, can’t get there.

So: you don’t want to wear a fancy bra, but you have to wear something, and I highly recommend this. I have it in black, and will probs go get one in white. It is so completely supportive and comfy, it must be some crazy technology, but it is only microfibers, which are fairly run of the mill by now.

They are used here to great effect: the bra is all one piece, and slips right over your head and onto your bod. There are no hooks, the straps don’t slip, and there’s none of that squinchy back fat thing. {Which you shouldn’t have if you have ever had a proper bra fitting. I’m actually due for one, in fact. Hmm: story idea!}

Now: It’s not quite a ‘cuppy’ as shown in the picture. But then, my Girls are not like hers, which are looking rather dramatic, even without a highly engineered bra. The straps are in the sports bra line, and are noticeable when the day’s top has a wide-ish neck. They are serviceable straps, and you may not like to show them to the world {I don’t.}

Nursing mums — says the internet — seem to like them, too: one can quite conveniently pop out a boob, and there’s no pulling and dragging on the sensitive bresticle skin.

I wouldn’t run for a bus in this, as it’s not that supportive, but otherwise? I’m so comfortable I may take a nap.

*FUN FACT: Since its launch in Ireland in February of this year, the Belvia Bra has sold 200,000 units. I don’t know, I keep thinking That’s 400,000 boobs, and it makes me laugh.

I think I may actually need that nap.


The Belvia Bra comes in black, white and beige and retails for €15.59. Available at Heatons.

Colourful Claws: The Wild, as Seen in the Wild

21 Aug


I am so delighted with the health of my nails, thanks to Dr Lewinn’s Nail Strengthener and despite Auld Schplitty. They have never looked better, and perhaps, I will now learn enough patience so that I don’t do such a sloppy job as regards the application of  nail varnish.

I like this LA Splash glitter nail lacquer. It feels very sturdy on the nails, but it certainly does not look that way! It is totally disco, in the best possible sense.

I so want this in black.

I must say, though, as dreading the removal of this — when I was taking off the other colours, this remained disturbingly unmoved by my present nail polish remover. We’ll see how we get on…


LA Splash Nail Lacquer is €5.99, and available online only:

Colourful Claws: Dare I Do All Ten In This?

20 Aug

I think I dare.

LA Splash are a brand that is new to me, and I have indeed tried glittery nail varnish in the past, but this leaves them all in its sparkling dust.

It dries really fast — really really — and it’s thick, but in a good way. Not thick like it’s impossible to get an even coat, but thick as in: one coat, all done, see ya later.

Pictured on the World Famous Supermodel Thumbnail™ is Fire Siren. I’m procrastinating by trying to imagine all my fingers painted with this. It seems fairly bold!

I don’t know, I think I’ve just lost my nerve. BRB.


LA Splash Nail Lacquer {€5.99} is available through

Colourful Claws: Ten Shades, Ten Thoughts

16 Aug

First off: I am mainly rubbish at applying nail varnish, so take that into consideration, plz.

Also: my splitting nail, herein dubbed ‘Auld Schplitty’ is the really stubby one on my left hand, ring finger, so do give it some slack for being so abbreviated.

I had vowed to paint all the nails because I was feeling out of sorts, and then something happened, I don’t know, I had a sambo or something, and then I felt in sorts; then, I didn’t feel bothered to do the nails, but I had said I would, so I did, hurriedly, and well, yeah. Not the best manicure ever.

Surely the most colourful, though! Bright side.

The following replicates, as near as dammit, my first thought upon completed application of each colour.

>LEFT HAND {Clockwise from thumb}
LA Splash Glitter Nail Lacquer in Fire Siren
OMGGGGGGGGGGG awesomest glitter ever ever ever.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche in Wild Purple
Gloopy. This is not — yeah, too thick.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Cherry Jubilee
Ooh, love — bit thin, maybe?

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Ruby Tuesday
Eh — this brush, so small. Too fiddly.

Lancome Vernis in Love Long Lasting Nail Polish in Madame Tulipe
Perfect! Perfect — one coat, flat brush, yesssss.

>RIGHT HAND {Clockwise from pinkie}
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Frenzy
Best. Neutral. Ever. Deffo needs two coats, though.

Yves Saint Laurent La Lacque Couture in Taupe Retro
Bit thin. Three coats? Yikes.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lucky Penny
Another Avon, don’t care: shinnnnnny!

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire
Yeah, the brush is too small. So streaky!

Lacura Beauty in 171
Now, that’s excellent pigment. kinda thick, though…?

OVER TOP OF THEM ALL: Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat. This = great.

Underneath, I did an extra coat of Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener. I wonder if it is what is making most of the varnishes look crackly? Because there are fault lines showing up on almost all of them. This is not a good look.

The keepers? Chanel, Lancome, Avon, and especially: LA Splash. Wowweeeee it is fabbbbalis. I feel some fear about removing it, though, and will be following the advice found here, via CherrySue, Doin’ the Do.


I still have my toes to do, and I’ve got a whole range of Avon Nailwear Pro+ with which to do them…

Post-Olympic Slump: I Haz a Sad. Is There a Cure?

15 Aug

I’m not even supposed to be sitting here: the Dublin Horse Show kicks off today, and I really am supposed to be there. But even I am not about to go out in this hurricane.

Dammit. The show is my yearly visit to what is, for me, a mash up of Heaven/Nirvana/Valhalla < the latter minus the burning bark. Not that I can be at all spendy, but I really do need new jodhs. And a couple of pairs of those cotton gloves with the sticky bits on the palms.

The show is also meant to be a way to get over the great void left by the Olympics, which is of greater depth than I would ever have guessed. I have become less interested in the event the younger the athletes have gotten. Like, when you’re a child, even as unathletic a child as I was, you can still dream, you know? Not so much, the older you get.

Although! There was yer man Ian Millar from Canada: 65 years old and still jumping! Yeah, well, never mind, not much of argument, as I wouldn’t even feel able to hold the lead rope of any of those Olympic horses. So whilst the dream is well past its sell by date, I got all into the Games this year, and it took me a few days to realise that I really did miss them.

Sigh. I actually have work-work to do, which is grand, but I just feel so blah.

I think I will paint all my nails. In individual colours. I have many, many nail varnishes all of a sudden. I have a shedload from Avon, I’ve got to try & test a bunch for the newspaper, amongst which are samples from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lacura, Lancôme and L’Oréal Paris. Also, just got a couple from Max Factor, and also from new-to-Ireland brand LA Splash. And I can finish it all off with a Sally Hansen top coat.

Yes. Can’t think of a better use of my time. Apart from the work-work, of course. 



New Fixation: Lush Liquid Lipstick Update

14 Aug

As planned, I wore some Lush Liquid Lipstick out to dins last night.

Drinking: okay with a straw. {Made even okay-er because they were mojitos at Green Nineteen.}
Eating: um, no.

In fairness, any lippy is going to get all over everything. With red, though, and with the way that Decisive is so RED, you have to wipe the whole lot off entirely. Which wrecks your look. Which, so: what’s the point of wearing it at all?

And then, you have to hop up and run to the loo to reapply. You can’t reapply at the table because — well, I do top up gloss at the table, or even a light colour, but this red is too bold to re-do in company. It would just be wrong. Also, red is so fiddly, and everybody would be watching you do it, and there’s always the same spot that I mess up, the right side of my upper lip, and oh! the pressure!

Moral of this story: don’t wear red lippy to dinner.

How’s that for decisive?*


Unless you are getting an entree that you eat in little bits with a fork. I got the burger, which was delicious, but worst choice ever as regards interfacing* with the lippy.




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