In 1998, Susan Conley moved to Dublin for twelve months. She’s delighted she hung around long enough to begin a career in reviewing beauty products and services — it’s tough job, but she’s happy to do it.

Additionally, Sue has variously worked in graphic design, theatre and film; these days, in addition to writing novels, she is a cultural critic and feature writer for several leading Irish publications, including the Evening Herald and Irish Theatre Magazine Online.

Her first two novels, Drama Queen and The Fidelity Project, published by Headline UK, are available on paper and e-books, on all iterations of Amazon. Her third, That Magic Mischief had its digital debut in 2013, and is available where all ethereal tomes are sold.

She has just completed the first {solid} draft of what she colloquially refers to as her ‘horsey-divorcey’ book, an account of how a post-divorce middle-aged lady found codependency recovery through taking up horseriding as an adult. It’s funny, she swears it is! Any agents interested in representing this project may contact her through this site.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. …just mailed you a request to get in touch re. art & writing and had a wee look into your blog. My private “art-transport” system is called “flying colours” – coincidence?(one of my paint boxes nearly suffered a controlled explosion in late 1980s Belfast…other exciting stories…well, just get in touch if you want and let’s see how we get along!) We could even go 1/2 ers on a horse, but I recently got more into motorbike racing in Berlin. (My next race is on the 4th of July: http://www.es-rockers.de)
    Lots of greetings, Keike.

  2. Hey Sue- looks like you’re doing great! Awesome. Ran across a tape you made in 1990 and thought you might like it? Happy to send, it’s great. Can’t find an email or FB page for you but mine is the same- just my name. Cheers -bkb

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