O, Joy! Cicaplast Lips Barrier Repair Balm

This image is a little fuzzy, as my hands were shaking with excitement.
CICAPLAST repairing balm

Which is sad! But I know that I am not the only lip balm addict in the world, and the evidence that La Roche-Posay are expanding their Cicaplast family is just… just beyond thrilling.

I have previously written about my love for the Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm here, and the straight-up Cicaplast Pro-Recovery Skincare here, which both served me well as regarded equestrian injuries in the past. This, I hope I don’t have to use due to extreme duress, unless it is because I have been snogging the face offa someone blisterin’ hot. Hmmm. I am feeling inspired…

This is a thicker texture than most balms, and yet it absorbs quickly, and leaves behind, yes, a barrier, one of protection and of continuing hydration. It’s got some fancy MP Lipids in it, which help to rebuild the skin, layer by layer. Because of my assiduous use of lip stuff, I haven’t had cracked, peeling lips in years, and I am willing to take this innovation on trust, and since I’ve been using this, I have to say that even though I haven’t got worst-case-scenario-mouth, the improvement in softness and suppleness has been remarkable. And! Even though I love to reapply, I haven’t had to very much, because this is so effective.

The elements are reverting to their blowy, chilly, autumnal selves, and the chapping from the wind is not something I’m pleased to welcome back. Especially when out on horseback. This little tube of wonder is set to be my go-to balm, not only to protect against the weather, but also to soothe and heal me gob for the times that I not so much forget to use it, but am hoarding it against the really cold days ahead. Although, at the price below, it’s not that much of a stretch to stock up…