Hair of the Yesterday, Today: BaByLiss Big Hair meets L’Oréal Techni Art Fresh Dust

Actually, this is Wednesday night/slept-on-it hair, so it’s Hair of the Yesterday + even more hours.


I don’t look convinced, but I really am.

So, what did I do? I used Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, because I knew I was going to be sleeping on The Hair, and wanted the kind of fullness that this duo impart. When I dried it on the night, I HOTY l'orealspritzed in some of the new John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster on, unsurprisingly, the roots, and the Ojon rare blend oil: Total Hair Therapy on the ends. Now, I gotta say, a little bit of that goes along way. Axiomatic, I know, but so true. In fact, a little too much is way too much. Loving the shine, but not liking the feeling of limpness that I get when I use too much oil.

Okay! Dried it that magical 80%, BaByLissed it, twisted it up in a knot, went to sleep.

Awoke, and immediately hit the roots and the lengths with L’Oréal’s dry shampoo, Tecni Art Fresh Dust, then fired up the Big Hair and gave it all a twirl. Was very pleased, but was too busy to take a selfie, and so was not pleased. I had promised!

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this a.m. I thought, Nah, there’s no point in trying to revive this — or is there? I mean, I had twisted The Hair into a knot the night before — but I had had a full day in a office, and office-air is just so deadening for the tresses — but sure, why not, let’s see…

And so, I am pleased once more. For the sake of argument:


As well: time to maybe test Color Wow Root Cover Up


John Frieda® Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster, €6.31
L’Oréal Techni Art Fresh Dust, €11.85


HOTD: Ojon, Babyliss, and The New Hair

I got The Hair cut last week, and I’ve been struggling to figure it out.

As much as I was loving the extreme length, and the ease of care — flip the head forward, dry it in no minutes flat, then lash through it with a flat iron — the ends were dead, basically, and it felt a little flat around my face.

But I loved the length. But the ends were dead. But, but, but.


In another narrative strand {LOL} there was the BaByLiss Big Hair Airstyler {€56} I had sitting in the drawer. I was doin’ it rong, or something, because my hair was not in the least bit enbiggened by it. I did all the things they said to do — dry it a bit with a conventional dryer, divide it into sections, apply the Big Hair, one section at time — and it wasn’t working. I had even got over the fear that I was going to tangle the bejeeziz out of The Hair and have to cut the scary rotating electric brush out of a big hank of it, but there’s no worry there: if you do tangle it, you merely take your thumb off the button and stop the rotating electric part.

That was grand, but I didn’t end up with the mahoosive shiny barnet as shown in all the Big Hair videos. Hmmm. I mean, it was right there on youtube, it must be true.

With the new cut, especially with its new layers, the day I tried to do it the old way was a bad, sad hair day. So I broke out the BaByLiss, and some new Ojon styling products I wanted to try, and gave it go. HOTD 28 05 ojon

Both come under the rare blend umbrella. In the past, Ojon have responsibly sourced the oils that infuse their products, from the Central American rainforest. In this new line, they are casting their net wider to include oils from Tahiti, the Kalahari, and various locations in Africa, thus presumably establishing their sustainable business practice on a larger scale.

First up, the deep conditioner {€34} an intensive repair treatment that is a double threat of restorative oils and nourishing conditioner. It dispenses in two different colours, which you mix together in your palm. The texture feels really rich and thick, and isn’t too terribly fussy to use as it only requires 2-3 minutes {as opposed to the completely impractical, nay, impossible, 10-15 some deep conditioners recommend.}

Next up came the rare blend oil: Total Hair Therapy * {€34}. This one is a treble threat of Amber, Crystal and Red oils that, when mixed together, are meant to nourish, repair and smooth. Okay, I’m up for that. Shook it, and applied just a tiny bit: it provided as much coverage as I needed, and it didn’t feel too oily on my fingers. Cool!

Now for the heat. I had been advised by a pal that I was indeed doin’ the BaByliss rong, and that I needed to really dry my hair, like 80%, before messing with the scary rotating electric brush. I followed this advice. Regarde.

HOTD 28 05 the hair

Like it! It feels as smooth as it looks, and the oil hasn’t dulled down the colour one little bit. Lotsa movement! Thanks, Aileen, for the lovely style!

Also: I have thrown in the clips, and mainly used the Big hair the same way I use a conventional hair dryer: just flipped the head over and spun the locks of hair round and round. Then I flipped it back up and took the sections of hair around my face for another spin.

Also also: the Big hair + dry shampoo + second day hair = big feckin’ hair. I have bolded this because it really is the business. I may even post another picture tomorrow to prove it…


I am keen to continue my BaByLiss investigation and try the Perfect Curl — tune into lovelygirliebits for their video review!


*What is up with the cavalier use of upper and lower case, lads!?!