I Used It All Up: Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover from The Body Shop

THE BODY SHOP camomile make-up removerAh! There’s a wee bit left! I didn’t see it ’til I tilted it for the photo! I am just mad enough not to bin this now, in order to squeeze out the very last drop!

I am sensing a trend here, as it seems that the stuff I use all up seems to be focused on the area comprising my head. Well — maybe not entirely true, as I don’t ever seem to use up lippy, and definitely not eyeshadow, and deffo-definitely not nail varnish, ever. I do seem to use up allll the toners and shampoos and such. Just as matter of interest — I’m not gonna go all psychobabble on myself.

I approach make up removal products with caution because I have found that four out five are crap. This one? Not at all crap, and in fact, was thorough, gentle and comprehensive. In practice, I really don’t think I ought to use more than one cotton pad per eye, and this respected my boundaries. Even with a Smokey Eye, this did the biz, quickly and efficiently.

I don’t ever wear waterproof mascara, but if I had to, I’d run out and pick me up another of there bad girls.

It is a tiny bit oily and made for somewhat blurry bedtime reading, but would totes use again.


€13.50/£8 < That price differential is appalling, Body Shop!