I Can See Clearly Now: Vichy Pureté Thermale Waterproof Eye Make- Up Remover

{But the rain’s not gone, I can feel it, lurking up there, just waiting for me to go out to do me messages.}

I called in some more of Vichy’s concoction because I am in full trying-and-testing eye make up mode, and some of it is very, very black, and some of the mascara is very, very thick. I have no problem with either of those things, but I do hate to be wastin’ cotton pads, because I have to use so many, because the removal agent, in a word, sucks.

This is completely the opposite of the former term. This is basically perfect. I’ve used it before, and used it up, and wanted to rave it about it all over again.

It’s billed for those with sensitive eyes, and mine must be more sensitive than I thought: just last night I used another oil-based remover that I had to hand, and I was squinting away for about half an hour before my vision came completely clear again. I’ve got my bookworm nerdy pants on, but: how am I supposed to catch up on my Henning Mankell if I am blinking?

^I had been in the middle of The Fifth Woman and went and watched the first season of the BBC’s Wallander, and now I’m not going to read any of those books, and will miss out on what, at least half the series? Somebody please tell me there will be more Wallander books? Also: the TV show is incredibly creative, really really good, totally captures the tone, IMO. Although I think that Ann-Britt is not at all completely realised properly. She’s a hot shot young wan, and all she does in the show is look at Kenneth Branagh with concern.

Up until discovering this product, I’d had an aversion to oil-based make up removers but this is oily to the correct degree. By that I mean it cuts right through the make up, but doesn’t leave me with the blinkiness. Since I am all about the oil this week, this couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Gestalt!

Seriously, take it from someone who uses a lot of stuff on her face: this is the business.



Can It Be True? Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense

I THINK IT MAY BE… Ever since I had my make up done by that lovely artist in Brown Thomas, lining my upper inner eyelid has been an inviolate part of my beauty routine. I had been happy enough with the pencil I’d ended up buying, but quickly switched to an Origins dial-up one. No, not like an old modem: the type of liner that doesn’t require sharpening because the product is encased in plastic.

Then Origins stopped selling their make up line in Ireland, and I began casting around, desperately, for a replacement. I eventually settled on my famous Karaja’s Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner, which has been the perfect replacement…

But I began to feel like I needed to replace the replacement, and only due to technical difficulties, which have resulted in using the pencil unerringly for a long time. It has gotten shorter. Because it is shorter, my hand is closer to my eye, and my eye thinks I am about to poke it out, because the fingers are so close. As a result, I blink like a crazy-blinking person, and I can’t get a good line on my inner eyelid.

Quel horreur! I’d been down this road before, and felt like I’d tried everything! And then I decided to give the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black a go. I had tried a Clinique pencil in the past — the wooden kind you have to sharpen — and wasn’t that keen. This one though? It is gooood. It’s the dial-up sort, and the line is always thin and precise. It has a bit of the ish that the regular pencil had, in that the product is so soft, it tends to smear during the course of the day/night. If you mind it, you can nip in the bud before you start looking like a panda. Otherwise, my eyes no longer fear the poking, and that softness does, of course, have its plus side: this goes on smooth as silk.

I’ve also got one in Intense Plum. I think that may be a great way to shake up the look.


Let’s Talk About Those Eyes

Just gotta post that picture again:

The lashes!

Lyndsey Cavanagh is Ireland’s Max Factor Celebrity Make Up Artist, and you can find out more about her, and see samples of her excellent work over here.

The smoky eye is, to me, what that whale was for that guy in that book. Oh, how I try to achieve it! Oh, how I have to adjust the mistakes so that I don’t look like someone’s just planted me a facer!

When Lyndsey suggested that we go for a smoky eye when I enjoyed my makeover at Dublin’s Wella Professional Studio, I was all for it. I thought I might learn something. I did. I learned:

> That having my eyes close interfered with my ability to understand what was going on.
> That Lyndsey is really good at what she does.
> That it takes time and patience to get the eyeliner to go on correctly
> That individual lashes are THE BIZ.

INDIVIDUAL LASHES. Lyndsey just popped a few along my lid line, and wowee, the difference that made. I understand that I could have kept them on longer than just one night, but I was travelling on my hols the next day, and am pretty certain that between sleeping and air travel, I would have turned up at my parent’s house looking like a vampire. Not wishing to alarm the elders, I had to send the lovely lovely lashes down the drain.

I’ve had a couple of false eyelash sets hanging around that I have been meaning to test, but I was a-skeered of them. Of the glue, of the bigness, of poking my eye out. I think I may be able to woman-up and give them a go, now, just because the change is so impressive, and yet so simple < she says now. I mean, it was simple when Lyndsey did it… Well, I’ll give it a go, stay tuned.

Wella Professional Studio, Dublin, is located on Chancery Lane in D8; see here!