Are You Feelin’ Lucky, Chick? BeneFit Treasure Hunt to Hit Dublin

Do you win things? Are you good at winning things? I think some people are and some people aren’t. Two weekends ago, I was at a fundraiser, and this woman won three raffle prizes off only five tickets. Is it luck? Is it Fate?!?!

If you are good at winning stuff, or perhaps want to work on your ability to win things {can it be learned?!?!} then check this out:

If I must be pedantic — I must, I must — and suggest that ‘Scavenger Hunt’ might be a better turn of phrase, and mix the metaphor less? Is a scavenger hunt not a Thing over here?

There I go, coming over all Amurrican again.

Maybe see you there!


Ring the number shown with any queries, I am sure that the BeneFit Gals will be happy to help.

THIS: Rhinestone Skull Clutch Bag from

I love skulls.

Sparkly skulls? They just knock the love right out of the park. Oops, a baseball-y phrase. Or: kicks the love into touch. For all you Anitpodean/European rugby types.

This is the Rhinestone Skull Clutch Bag (€30) available at It is 12 inches wide and 6.25 inches high, which is basically perfect. There’s a strap to relieve it of its clutchiness, should you so desire.

Look at his expression! It’s kind of piratical, right? Like he’s saying ‘Arrrrrr!’

I love him. *Sigh*

Make Your Own Bath Ballistic

How much fun does this look like???

My answer: LOTS.

As a life-long fan of Lush Bath Ballistics, I am delighted to announce the some of the brand’s crack compounders, are comin’ to town to help you craft you own wee fizzy bath thing. In the olde dayes, we used to call them ‘bombs’ but I think for humanitarian reasons, they changed the name — this is nothing less than you’d expect from the all-natural brand.

You have three choices:

Blackberry Bath Bomb to lift you up with bergamot and frankincense; Think Pink with reassuring tonka and vanilla; and Space Girl, an intergalactic, glittery bath ballistic scented with grapefruit and bergamot oil and filled with popping candy that is truly out of this world.

I am definitely going to make the Blackberry one. Oh, but, I love vanilla, so Think Pink, maybe? Clearly, Space Girl suits me down to the ground…

The compounders are in residence at the Henry Street shop from 1 to 5 pm this Saturday, 5 May, and in the Grafton Street premises on Sunday, 6 May. That’s this weekend, bath enthusiasts! It is free to do this thing, to learn how to make your own ballistic and then take it home! Don’t miss out!

For more info and to book, ring the Henry Street shop on 01 873 5735 or the Grafton Street Shop on 01 677 0392.

Make Up, Now With Even More Interactivity

I don’t like video games because I am bad at them.

I’m bad at them because I don’t play them, and I know — I know — that if I don’t play them, I’m never going to get better at them, and if I don’t get better at them, I will never like them.

Not that it’s a burning ambition of mine to ace Red Dead Redemption, even though there are horses in it, but Kids Today™ are into them, and I like to keep up.

I feel like the new Benefit website has all the design and fun of a video game, with fewer explosions. Continue reading