Horseriding Rucksack Hero: Cuticura Hand Wipes

Sure, anybody can be a handbag hero! It takes something extra special to make it into my horseriding rucksack.

I am never averse to cross-polinating my blogs, and whilst my horsey musings are not updated as often as are my cosmetic cogitations, they are always on my mind. And the evidence of the activity is always all over me.

I am currently volunteering for the Riding for the Disabled Ireland organisation, Leopardstown Group. As I was saying goodbye to Soprano, a massive 18hh bay gelding who is as gentle as a lamb, he rested his enormous jaw on my shoulder and rubbed. Having been ridden well on the bit, there was a lot of spit on his mouth; much of it transferred to my sleeve.

That is cool with me, but it’s the stuff that gets on my hands that is: not so very. I generally drop into the shops after a session, or a lesson, and it’s important that my hands are clean. Sometimes, well… sometimes soap for humans is not a priority at a yard. So, talk about handy: Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes {€1.49} are a new big hit with me.

I feel far less unfit for human consumption after using these, and feel like they are doing a more comprehensive job that would a liquid disinfectant. Although, the brand’s Anti Bacterial Hand Serum {€1.99/50ml} works a treat too! In this case, however, I need to feel like I am totally removing the scurf from my mitts.

I’ll be using three of these a week, so this is five weeks worth, and for less than €2? Works for me, and for the grateful general public. I can’t help the eau de equine I exude, but I won’t be spreading the germs around.


Available at all good chemists. Stay away from the bad chemists!

If You Ever Get Kicked By a Horse…

… and the bruise is not going away, then I highly recommend Cicaplast, by La Roche-Posay. If you want the whole story, it’s here.

This is not blatant blog-rolling on my part, I’m just too pressed for time to get into the details. Condensed version: got kicked by a horse, a glancing blow to the shin, very lucky I had been turning my mount away or else God knows what would have happened {or been broken}, it stung like m***erf***er for a couple days, was sore for a few more, and then… nothing much. Some discolouration, but no real bruising.

Then, two months later, it started to itch like a double mofo, and I grabbed the Cicaplast. I hadn’t used it before, as I don’t have sensitive skin, and this stuff seems to be for those who do. I read up on it, noticed on the website that there were images of other parts of the body besides the face, and slapped this on the dent in my leg.

It cleared it up in no time a’tall. The itching stopped within moments of contact –>foreals,  and the discolouration faded in days. A cursory wander round the web reveals that it is good for all manner of skin complaints, from nappy rash to use as primer by make up artists to the healing of scars. The tiniest bit of it works like a charm, it is light, fragrance-free, and I think it made by the fairies under the full moon, because it is pure magic.

Now, if only there was a topical that could do something about that dent, which is still apparent, almost a year later…

€12.50/£13.00(NI)/$36.50 list price on Amazon, down to $12.50, but still?!? See here, in the comments, for recs on where to buy Stateside.