Haiku Review: Chanel’s Perfection Lumiére Longwear Flawless Fluid Makeup

Once upon a time,
Shine was banished from the face.
Now, we call it glow.

‘You look about 11,’ remarked my friend and colleague last week, or even the week before — who knows, time is over. I won’t mention her name or even her initials, because she would maybe kill me, and that would be a pity because I now have the capacity to look youthful and dewy whenever I wish.

I remember fighting shine to the death, in my teenage years. The pressed powder compact was never far from my grasp, but it was really all about the foundation. The thicker the better, and wow, it is amazing that my pores didn’t just clog up and die.

Now, however, with age and wisdom, a nice light-reflecting face is the goal. Because then, paradoxically, you look youthful and dewy.

I got the vibe that Chanel’s Perfection Lumiére was pretty special from the first moment of application: light and yes, flawlessy fluid just as it says on the tin, but also excellent coverage, which I find to be essential when a product is a little more expensive than one might be used to. A pump and a bit expertly covered my roundy face, so those among us with less acreage and more angles will probs get even better mileage than I do.

The glow, it was blinding! Okay, not really, but obviously remark-able, as evidenced by the feedback from my friend, who is also a noted beauty expert. I remember that day {whenever it was} was a long one, but by the time I got home, well into the night, I looked as fresh-faced as I had when I’d first made up that morning. In fairness, I also use an illuminating face powder, but girls, if the base layer is questionable, forget about piling anything on it.

I have just realised that I wrote about using this here, so there’s the proof on my pudding-gob. Hey, even for a not-so-great iPhone self-portrait, I think that the quality of this foundation shines through. Or glows on. Whatever! It is fabulous.

Can It Be True? Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense

I THINK IT MAY BE… Ever since I had my make up done by that lovely artist in Brown Thomas, lining my upper inner eyelid has been an inviolate part of my beauty routine. I had been happy enough with the pencil I’d ended up buying, but quickly switched to an Origins dial-up one. No, not like an old modem: the type of liner that doesn’t require sharpening because the product is encased in plastic.

Then Origins stopped selling their make up line in Ireland, and I began casting around, desperately, for a replacement. I eventually settled on my famous Karaja’s Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner, which has been the perfect replacement…

But I began to feel like I needed to replace the replacement, and only due to technical difficulties, which have resulted in using the pencil unerringly for a long time. It has gotten shorter. Because it is shorter, my hand is closer to my eye, and my eye thinks I am about to poke it out, because the fingers are so close. As a result, I blink like a crazy-blinking person, and I can’t get a good line on my inner eyelid.

Quel horreur! I’d been down this road before, and felt like I’d tried everything! And then I decided to give the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black a go. I had tried a Clinique pencil in the past — the wooden kind you have to sharpen — and wasn’t that keen. This one though? It is gooood. It’s the dial-up sort, and the line is always thin and precise. It has a bit of the ish that the regular pencil had, in that the product is so soft, it tends to smear during the course of the day/night. If you mind it, you can nip in the bud before you start looking like a panda. Otherwise, my eyes no longer fear the poking, and that softness does, of course, have its plus side: this goes on smooth as silk.

I’ve also got one in Intense Plum. I think that may be a great way to shake up the look.


Dublin Ladiez, and Cork Ones

I highly recommend calling in to your local fancy department store, as listed below, and having a sesh with Lisa Potter Dixon, Benefit’s Head Make-up and Trend artist. It was she who dropped the wisdom of the foundation brush at the launch for the brand’s new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation {please to read about it here.*}

She is very cool, and has great style herself, as you can imagine. She is also really personable, and if you find yourself intimidated by the thought of a head make-up and trend artist: don’t be! I found her to be really friendly and enthusiastic.

If you’ve been gasping for a bit of a tweak in the area that concerns make-up, do thisssssssss. It’s a €30 redeemable charge; receive a cream eye shadow with 2 or more items.

Hurry! Places are limited!


Benefit Debenhams: Patrick Street, Cork, Thursday 22nd March 2012 11am – 5pm.
Call 021 4648464 to book your personal appointment.

Benefit Brown Thomas: Grafton Street, Dublin, Friday 23rd March 2012 12pm – 5pm
Call 01 6171139 to book your personal appointment.

*Sorry, I just read The Moonstone, and all the servants said ‘please to’ all the time, as in ‘please to read my blog, kind ladiez’. I couldn’t resist, and frankly, it wrote itself. Sorry, again; carry on.

What I Put on My Face Yesterday

Just make up-wise; skin care is a whole ‘nother post.

>POREfessional by Benefit. It is the biz. I think it is made of feathers and velvet, it’s so soft.

>That Perfection Lumiere foundation from Chanel {more on that later}

>Umm… I knew I should have done this as I was doing it, if you know what I mean, because I forget what — oh, of course! My last year’s LE of MAC Beauty Powder, in Passionflower.

>More MAC: a few swipes of Penultimate on the brows because the dye is dying, oh nooooo. The pen is dying as well! Ach!

>The Blush Horizon de Chanel, and more on that anon as well.

>That Karaja black eyeliner that I adore. It is harder to use now it’s getting shorter, just because my eye thinks I am trying to poke it out.

>I’ve been very pleased with the new technology that has made liquid eyeliner easier to apply. Ir maybe practice does make perfect. Anyway, I love L’Oréal’s Super Liner Luminizer for Blue Eyes. It lasted through my very long yesterday, and that applicator is top class.

>Benefit High Brow Glow, which I always look at and go, ‘Eh?’ and then I just stroke some in the arch of my brow and go ‘Oh!’ the pearlescent sparkle really does make a difference.

>Yesterday it was… yet another Benefit product! Mascara: They’re Real! The result is amazeballs, but one must get as much on in the first coat, because it dries hard, and it’s difficult to get another coat on. You know what I mean? It kind of sets in stone? Which is grand — if you get the first coat correct.

>The Clarins Gloss Prodige in Papaya. I think this has magic in it? because it feels light like a gloss but looks like a shiny, shiny lipstick. Me likey.

That took me longer to write than it did to actually do. Ten minutes, tops? Maybe fifteen? That’s just regular-day-face, as shown. I’m going to be playing with false eyelashes over the long bank holiday/Paddy’s day weekend… something tells me that’s going to screw up the curve…

It’s Almost Officially Spring…

… and I am so behind on my spring make up. Here’s a slice of Papaya from the Clarin’s Gloss Prodige line (€17/£15.50/$20), which does not look papaya-esque in any of the photos, nor in the ones I tried to take with my ubiquitous iPhone, but on the applicator! Eeeeeee, it is corally, which I have to say I avoid like the plague. Except! It looks well on the lips. It’s magic, maybe? I don’t know, but I have a feeling I’m going to use this one right up.

Got Chanel! Again, so late to the spring make up party, so I only {only! Oink, oink} got the Perfection Lumiere Longwear Flawless Fluid Makeup (€44/£36/$55) and the Blush Horizon de Chanel (€55/£46/$58), the latter being a limited edition. I haven’t used either officially yet, meaning: they haven’t walked out the front door after having been applied to my face, but I did swipe a bit of the PL on my hand and ohh, it looked like it would luminate perfectly, just as it says on the tin. As for the blush, it is so pretty I want to just prop it open in front of me all day; I tried a bit of that on the hand as well, using the supplied brush… well, I’ll give it a go with my trusty kabuki, and we’ll see if I have a better outcome. {So prettttttty…}

I’ve also had Avon’s Smoke and Mirrors Limited Edition knocking around for a while, and I must say, I have been loving the lippys (€9/£7/$7). I’ve just lashed on some Purple Hazed: it’s lightweight but has excellent pigment, so it shows up without feeling heavy. Perfect for me, who can’t be bothered with high maintenance lipstick anymore. I have to say, though, that I am going to be springing into summer with Nude and Infused, which is going to go brrrrilliantly with my tan. My self tan, that is. Unless we get a miracle of sunshine out this way. It could happen…

Yes, You Do Need to Use a Foundation Brush

Yesterday, at a launch for Benefit’s new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation {more about this anon}, their Head Make Up and Trend Artist, the vivacious Lisa Potter-Dixon, demonstrated the need for the foundation brush.

I have only once or twice bothered with such, and I’m all like, what, are my fingers broken? All assembled were given a compelling demonstration as to why a brush is a good idea.

Fingers are dodgy, covered in germs, and also: absorbent. Using a mirror, Lisa swept some on its surface with her fingers, and hmmm, streaky.

Cosmetics sponges are not much better, as we were shown. Most of the foundation was sucked up by the sponge, and in fact, seemed to be taking it off the mirror as soon as it was spread on it. Okaaay…

The brush, however, created an opaque and, well, flawless finish. As Lisa smoothed the make up on the mirror, there was collective ‘Ahhh!’ and several other expostulations. For a roomful of well-educated, seen-it-all beauty journos, that’s saying something. But then, a direct, no-fuss, straightforward Demo of Truth is always gonna work.

So there she is, the latest addition to my grooming routine. I sigh. Why? Another thing to forget to clean? Another thing to fret about packing? Sure, we’ll see how we got on, but I suppose once I get used to it, I won’t even know the difference…


Haiku Review: L’Oréal Superliner Perfect Slim

Oh, The Smokey Eye:
The unicorn of beauty.
How do I catch it?!?!

Yeah, ’cause that whole ‘virgin-sitting-under-a-tree-in-the forest’ ship has sailed.

L’Oréal Paris are, in my humble opinion, one of the best over-the-counter cosmetic lines going. Yesterday, I received the following:
>False Lash Telescopic Mascara (€16.99/£10.49)
>SuperLiner Gel Intenza Eyeliner (€14.99/£8.99)
>SuperLiner Perfect Slim (€10.49/£6.49)

Now, for me, TSE is all about the liner. I know the eyeshadow enters into it, duh, but if you don’t have the lining of the lid down pat, you can use all the black shadow in the world and it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Now, also for me, liner is like… it’s like an algebra test. I’ve studied, I really have, but wow, the mark I get is just never as good as I thought it would be. I don’t blame the maths — at least, not in this analogy. I know it’s all down to me.

I am giving the Gel Intenza Eyeliner the hairy eye ball because the brush part, I can’t even, it scares me. I expect this is also down to failure to have the proper tools, and really ought to invest in a proper, stand up make up mirror, one that has a magnifying side. I know: I don’t have one! I wonder if I should even be allowed to write about make up!

Until that happy day {which may be tomorrow, I am so mortified right now} I am going to keep attempting TSE with liners. And I must say, that the SuperLiner Perfect Slim is pretty darn effective. The tip is an extended, tapered brush, and applies in a consistent line, of whatever thickness you desire. Since I’ve still got the stabilisers/training wheels on, I did a thinnish line. Because of the precision of the tip, I managed to do it right!

With the addition of the False Lash Telescopic Mascara, I really had a good thing going on. This mascara says it will create a false eyelash effect, and it does. Unlike many chemists/drugstore brands, this was ready to rock on first application. I don’t know, I’ve used other brands which often require warming up or something? Like, you have to have the wand hit the oxygen several times before it seems to work properly {Only me? Sheesh.}

I wanted to try this immediately, and did so, even though it was Tuesday, and I was going horseriding that night. Tuesday is not a Make Up Day generally, because I don’t want to sweat and smear and all that nasty stuff, and have to take the bus home looking like a panda. Can I say? Only the slightest, tiniest bit of the liner got smudgy, on the outside of my eyes. So, seriously, if this can withstand an hour of pretty intense physical exertion — including the jumping of fences! — then you can take this craic clubbing, and beyond…

Make Up, Now With Even More Interactivity

I don’t like video games because I am bad at them.

I’m bad at them because I don’t play them, and I know — I know — that if I don’t play them, I’m never going to get better at them, and if I don’t get better at them, I will never like them.

Not that it’s a burning ambition of mine to ace Red Dead Redemption, even though there are horses in it, but Kids Today™ are into them, and I like to keep up.

I feel like the new Benefit website has all the design and fun of a video game, with fewer explosions. Continue reading

Sweet Sixteen: Karaja Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner

Aw! All done: here’s the last entry in the brightandbeautyfull.com Sweet Sixteen Sweepstakes. The sixteenth and final product was only slightly influenced by the discovery that I had very little make up in the running.

I went and got a makeover at a counter in a fancy department store — Dior in Brown Thomas — before heading the launch party for my first novel*, and among the many cool things the make up lady did was to line my upper inner lid in black.

Now, I am capable enough to just about poke my own eye out putting on shades, so the notion of going anywhere near my eyeball with a pencil-shaped object made me extremely nervous. I got the hang of it, though, because it looked so good, and on days when I can’t be arsed to do the whole mascara-and-eyeshadow thing, a little bit of a line in the inside of my upper lids is all I need to feel like a slightly vampy all-natural girl.

My first favourite was Origins Automagically ™ Eye Lining Pencil, but I ran out and then couldn’t buy it in Ireland anymore. {This is true, right?} Then, it didn’t matter anymore because I got Karaja’s Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner, and haven’t looked back since.

Oh, wow, didn’t even see what I did there. <– And there! Okay, enough with the cleverness. I love this liner, and I am using it down to the nub. I’ve consulted my archives, and am stunned to discover that I have only been using this for little over a year. Stunned! This is such a big part of my regime, that it feels as though I have been using this forever, if not two years at least.

I will admit to being a bit freaked out by the semi-permanent aspect of this. It does have amazing staying power, but it also does require at least one touch-up in the day. On the other hand, it is a bit of a bitch to remove. I have gone through more than my normal allotment of cotton pads. But then, on the other other hand, even when I blink like a … a bunny? Do bunnies blink really fast? Even when I blink really fast when applying, it never ends up on my bottom inner lid, never mind the rest of my face.

It’s also sort of been my gateway product as far as The Smoky Eye is concerned. I have always been afraid of TSE, which is silly, because it is totally hot, and using the Karaja pencil eased me into the whole look gently, easily, and unsmearingly.

Next long-from feature: Desert Island Sponge Bag {or Wash Bag, or Toiletries Bag, depending upon from whence ye hail.}

€10/£9.99/$13-ish, plus P&H via euro-products.co.uk

*which is also available on Kindle.

Haiku Review: Eau Thermale Avéne Tinted Compact 50 SPF

When reviewing things
It helps to read directions.
Call me crazy, right?

I love French stuff: the food, the wine, the lifestyle, the whole santé thing that they do. I’d never heard of the Avène line before, but have had the chance to try several of their products. I particularly got a kick out of the Thermal Spring Water, but haven’t really made it a big part of my regime. I was spritzing myself with the pressurised spray because I was bored last year during the snowpocalypse. It helped break up the day, and I suspect my skin, housebound as I was, enjoyed the refreshing sensation.

We don’t suffer from a lack of moist air in Ireland, so it doesn’t seem necessary to carry around a container of hydrotherapy in my handbag. Neither is the sun much of an issue, but SPF enthusiasts will insist that any sun is sun that is going to age us and give us skin cancer, so when the Eau Thermale Avéne Tinted Compact 50 SPF came through the letterbox, I thought, ‘Better safe than sorry.’

Of course, I didn’t bother reading exactly what it was so when I tried to use it as pressed powder, uh yeah, it didn’t work. Because it is foundation. Unaware, I swiped it over a face that was already sporting foundation. Crazy! I put it aside and forgot about it, scarred momentarily by my misuse of it.

Then one day I was running late, and I wanted to cut out the middle woman, meaning the time-consuming dispensing of foundation and then application of it onto my face > yeah, wha’? This makes sense to me, okay? Remind me to tell you about the time I used to take a cab four blocks to work — And so! So I picked this up, and using the pad that cunningly rests in the hinge between the top of the compact and the flip-up mirror, had a flawless face in three-ish swipes of product. I’ve never actually counted. I’m trying to reconstruct in my mind’s eye… okay… more like four-ish.

I brought this with my on my hols because it’s compact and effective and easy. It looks amazing, and it lasts and lasts. It’s also got a laundry list of excellent qualities — protection against UV radiation, free radicals, and sweat, as well as offering irritation reduction — but frankly the most important thing to me, at the end of the day, is that I don’t want to have to be touching up excessively throughout said day. This is a matte finish that combines the best effects of foundation and powder, and I am quite sad that I am near to using it up.