Who Says Men Don’t Notice?

I mean, we know men notice, but I’m talking about the details here. The details that thrill us women, that we reckon will only thrill other women.

We’ve proof from the West that this is not so.

A reader writes:

Susan! A gentleman in a B&B in Galway was VERY taken with the Avon Seabreeze nails this morning. Was a little taken aback by his enthusiasm, but Avon have definitely one secured sale!!!

I’d love more details re: what the enthusiasm entailed, exactly, ahem.

There’s the man-magnet colour itself, nestled between Starry Sky and Viva Pink, and there it is, in the wild, on my big toe — I couldn’t bear to run that image full size again, but you get the idea. Even on my manky, manky toes, Seabreeze is clearly a beautiful, sexy, fun colour.

It’s great, fresh, and not-to-green, the perfect shade with which to bring in the Spring, as well mesmerising the male patrons of accommodation in Gaillimhe.

Here’s some pertinent info: you can’t buy Avon in the shops. Which I kind of knew, growing up in the culture of Avon Ladies, who are now called Independent Sales Representatives. Ring 01870 6540 or visit www.avon.ie to find a representative near you.

Plus, all purchases come with 100% money back guarantee, so should your manicure fail to enthrall the males in your vicinity, you can cash in your chips, or maybe try another one. That Viva Pink looks pretty saucy…

AVON Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is €8