As Seen in The Wild: Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony

In my usual spot in the back of the 46A, wearing my ‘summer’ turquoise pashmina, and Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour in Pudgy Peony.

Given all the variables — camera phone, crappy cloudy weather, and back of the bus — that is an excellent representation of the excellence of that colour.

How does it last? Well, don’t eat a sandwich and expect it to be unmoved. The thing is, it probably lasts perfectly well, but it feels so nice and soothing and yes, moisturizing on application, that I keep applying it. Even when I don’t need to.

And just so you know… Chubby Sticks For Eyes are launching in the autumn! Much excite! Maybe I can finally do a decent smoky eye, look at that black one! Also love the fourth from the left, the bronze-y one… Hey! Can a whole Chubby face {blush, highlighter, and even foundation} be far behind?!?

{Also, seriously: HD Brows. Do it, do it, do it.}

Hey, What Colour is Your Chubby?

Or is that a really personal question? Ha ha haaaaa.

Seriously. I did not get the love that I saw swirling all over Twitter a couple of weeks ago for Clinique’s Chubby Stick, and I felt really left out. Adding insult to injury, I pouted rather magnificently in my left-outness, and had no way of emphasizing it.

The thing was, I had gotten two different samples of the  utterly cult-y Moisturising Lip Colour Balm, and I didn’t like either of the colours. One was the Fuller Fig, which just too brown, and the other one, I’m not even sure, it may have been the Woppin’ Watermelon, but it was so pale, it was pointless.

Yesterday, I got my hands on one of the new colours. Behold, at left, Pudgy Peony, which is amazing: the pigment is spectacular, the coverage perfection, and the level of moisturising is out of this world.

So now I totally get it! And yes, these are the best things ever! Yay!