Viking Chic? Nails Inc Floral Street Varnish and Goth-y FitFlops

Loving the way the flat, bright white of Nails Inc‘s Floral Street just pops.


I was going to go give myself a pedicure in Photoshop — gasp! Misrepresentation! — and then though, hmmm, might be more useful to show what happens after you have worn a pair of black tights, and have to touch up the big toes.

Now, I admit my toes are manky, and that the nails are the smallest you may ever like to see on a grown human woman {weirdly tiny!} and that maybe people come to The Internet to see perfect things.

I obviously don’t agree. What’s the point of pretending that this is varnish is not doing something that might bug you? Me, I’m happy enough to show the result of a quick and dirty touch up — I had to post and run, ha, ha — because it’s like, real, betches.

Anyway: the varnish is a bit gloppy, and in general the texture is a bit like white out. It took three layers to get the dead white.

I love it anyway! And in tandem with my dungeon-y vintage FitFlops (c. 2010), the overall look is on-trend monochrome, with a Norse twist.




Price point alert! Sheesh!


Are you people gonna tell me you put top coat on your toes????


I Heart This Already: Nails Inc Leather Effect in Noho

NAILS INC leathuh
Mainly? Because the texture is what I end up with anyway, with my srs lack of mad skillz re: manicuring, yo*.

This looks like when I go and pull on a cardie after I’ve done my nails and I think I’ve let enough drying time go by — and I am always proven wrong. But this is on purpose so it’s okay.

It’s like, texture.

I sincerely love everything about it, from its crackly, leathery matte finish on my World Famous Super Model Thumbnail™ to its leathery-lookin’ little lid. Or cap, if you’re not hooked on alliteration.

These go for £12, so really ought to only be €12ish, 13, right? Right?


Nails Inc have several other monochromatic themed varnishes for S/S13 — will get back to you on those!


*Sorry, sorry, been mainlining — ha, ha — Breaking Bad, and I am worse than Jesse with my verbal posturing.