Lovely and Long Lasting: AVON Nailwear Pro+

Here’s Naked Truth from Avon Nailwear Pro+:

V purty. Once again, the World Famous Supermodel Thumbnail™ is called to duty, and what a spectacular job she does, eh, ladies and gents? {Still working on growing back all the nails I willingly pared back to take the pressure off of Auld Schplitty.}

This made it through one night’s horseriding lesson, and its attendant gloves!

I am still loving the neutrals. They are so elegant. And of course, lighter colours wear better, too.


€8. Available from your local Avon representative; ring 01870 6540 or visit to find one near you.

This is the Only Way It is Okay to Fake It

Hey! It looks as if I have had a French Manicure! Except, it is not!

As ever, ignore my poor application method, the backbone of which system is: just get it over with.

Why this is so exciting:

> My nails have never, ever been this healthy.
> Since they are so healthy, the white parts are really clean and, er, white.
> Because the white parts are so white, when I brushed on Ballet Slipper by Essie, a magical thing happened.
> Magical thing: one coat of polish/varnish, and it looked like I got a French manicure!

Yeah, well, so?
> So! If I don’t have the patience to do even one coat of colour for a manicure, forget doing all the malarkey required for a French one.

Why are they called French manicures? Nobody knows! Big disputes! Do they have anything to do with France at all, or did some American dude called Jeff Pink make them up in the 70s — or was it Max Factor {an actual man, not just a name brand} in the 30s? All that conjecture is via here, there’s links if you are interested.

I’m not. I want nothing more than to gaze upon the photo of my amazing nails. I have since pared them all down to match Auld Schplitty and am confident that they will soon be ready for another foray into the now satisfying world of fingernail painting. There’s this bottle of AVON Nailwear Pro+ in Tweed that I am gasping to try…