I Used It All Up: Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate

NYR BEAUTY SLEEPI have been known to cut off the ends of tubes to get all the rest of a product out, and of course: any excuse to show the evidence of my disbelief that there was nothing left in that Stila compact.

I stopped myself short of smashing this bottle of Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate, but only just.

I have adored this from the first: it plumped up my complexion while I sleep, and its gorgeous smell also helped me drift off gently into the dreamtime. My head is rather bizzy, and it can take me ages to fall asleep sometimes — most times, to be honest. This helped loads with winding down my mind, and I’m guessing it’s down to the patchouli that’s in the mix, as one of the essential oil’s qualities is that of a sedative. {There’s clary sage and ylang ylang in there, too, also longtime faves of mine.}

One or two pumps routinely did the job, and in that phase of the night when the skin is most receptive, this got to work moisturising, and encouraging collagen production via the peptides that are part of its composition. In between all the other night treatments I’ve tested over the last six months — and many of them were very, very good — I always returned to this one. When I recently went to pump up some of its rejuvenating goodness, I just about had a heart attack when it failed to dispense.

I tried turning it upside down, which didn’t help so much, and found that laying it on its side worked better, for some reason. And then I just had to declare defeat, and resign myself to writing about it under the IUIAU umbrella.

So there it was, sitting on my desk, when I noticed —

HANG ON. Okay, still not smashing it, but one or two good thumps may yield a few more beauty sleeps…


€36.69/£37/$64.90 < ouch, soz, America!


Haiku Review: Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Beauty Sleep Concentrate

O, bedtime! Heart you!
And waking up, all youthy,
Makes me heart the day.

NYO Beauty SleepI love my bed: my sheets, my pillows, my duvets {yes, plural.} I love my electric underblanket, and some days, when I wake up, I immediately begin looking forward to getting back in that night. My glorious cocoon! From which, more often than not, I emerge refreshed.

How much more refreshier I am emerging these days, having discovered this little gem: Neal’s Yard Organic Beauty Sleep Concentrate!

My nighttime regime has improved mightily in the last while, when it dawned on me {LOL} that I was not gettin’ any younger. Since the skin does most of its rejuvenating on the astral plane, I needed to hop on that bandwagon. Not wishing to leave too much to chance — no offence, astral beings! – it seemed like if I kept a bunch of stuff at my bedside, I’d remember to use it.

And so it has transpired: I am loading my skin up with good stuff before the zeds descend, and this one here has qualities beyond good skincare. Its blend of essential oils help to soothe you into a good night’s rest, as well work on those fine lines and wrinkles — which creates a virtuous circle of deep sleep creating deep relaxation, which means you are waking in finer fettle, and feeling excellent about yourself, which helps you to manage the stresses of your day, and return, still virtuous {or not, lucky you} to another round of dreamtime. Sleep, and awake beautified.

It’s all down to the essential oils, which include Clary Sage, Cypress, Orange oil, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, married with Grapeseed oil and Cocoa seed butter. {There is also Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil in it, yo?!?!} I feel like, to its detriment, I am going through it too fast. I suppose it’s my job to manage my portion control, but I’m not sure how many nights I am going to get out of it. That’s a good news/bad news kind of thing: good that I am finding it beneficial, bad on the wallet.

The concentrate has been proven in clinical trials to increase the moisture levels of the skin by 98%. I don’t usually just feed back a fact that readers will most likely come across on their own whilst googling, but I can support this finding myself: my day face improves mightily when I use this, which is the whole point, a far as I can see, of using a thing at night. Right?