How Super is GlamGlow Supermud™ Clearing Treatment?

Oh, packaging: it must be of a high enough standard, espesh when mucho spondoolicks are involved. But when is too much, well, too much? Coming from a package-design hussy such as myself, you know this is a serious question.

Case in point: GlamGlow Supermud™ Clearing Treatment.


Hello, yourself.

Okay, losing the will to live, right about here.

I mean, okay, it is so gorgeously designed! It really is, to the extremely super-highest of high standards {It’s even got me talking like it, if you know what I mean}, but I had started feeling a little overwhelmed. You don’t even want to know how much information is on that removable bit of bumf. {I end up telling you.}

At last, the stuff itself! I was immediately assailed – in a good way — by the scent, a deliciously licorishy fragrance, and dammit if I didn’t go and consult the ‘Hello Sexy’ double-folding insert for information. Yup: there’s licorice root implicated, as well as peppermint leaf, aloe vera, ivy, cucumber, and chamomile, as well as some Science-y stuff called Acnecidic-6™ which, I think, is six acids blended together to basically fix everything: improve texture, de-pigmentise, unclog pores, stimulate collagen, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and fight breakouts, among many, many other things.

Supermud, indeed.

It’s not only full of super things, it goes on super-smoothly, and dries super fast, without drying. Which is some trick to pull off, in fairness. I think the licorice went to my head because I got a bit goofy with the photos, but with excellent result.

Muddy to shiny! Perhaps not the most opaque of applications, but it didn’t feel like I’d missed any spots. That’s about three scoops worth of mud on my face, using two fingers, to be semi-precise.

One is instructed to leave this on for any number of minutes, from 5 to 20. I went for the full complement, and while I can sort of see the point of using this as an express mask — actually, I kind of can’t. It felt so good drying, I would hate to rush it. It removed — wait for it — super easily, too. One week on from that treatment, and I feel like my skin is still in good nick.

I am all about the minimisation of pores at the moment, and am amping up my testing of several products that promise to shrink ’em. I am thinking that this is the regular ladies way of keeping the skin youthy, as opposed to the A-list celeb Botoxing, lasering, peeling way. So here’s a little bit of that Hollywood vibe in a jar. Again, spendy, but really worth it.




Thanks for Making My Life Easier: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

And yet, more difficult at the same time, given this, for example. Now I gotta decide what are the circs under which to utilise this little beauty.

This is Blush Orchid, one of four new additions to Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm range. Best of both worlds, as far I can tell: a little bit of tint, a whole lot of balm. I like the clever tube in which it comes — I wonder if this is less packaging, or more? It’s certainly superior to the sort in which a tube is encased in plastic and glued to cardboard. Does anyone read all this stuff, though?
There’s even more text on the pink part of the barrel.

Whatevs! Really love it: it is emollient without being slippery, and the tint is just exactly right.

I forgot I had it on, and even though one of the pleasures in life, as far as I am concerned, is the ritual re-application of lip balm, I didn’t obsessively top this up… which probably means that my obsessive topping up derives from necessity, which means I do the thing I love to do because the product I adore is inferior?

Oh, dear, I feel an existential crisis coming on!


Petunia, Sweet Violet, and Caramel Daisy join Blush Orchid as 2013’s new hues.


€7.95; available from The Health Store, Nourish, Avoca and selected independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide.