Evolution Keratin and IRS: A Match Made in Hair Heaven

On Tuesday, 25 February, I went back to Queen Salon in Aungier Street to avail of another Intense Revival System treatment. I wrote about it here, and had been pleased to have gotten more than the predicted four weeks of straightness out of that session. This time, I was determined to make it last even longer, with the help of Evolution Keratin products, which range from Shampoo and Conditioner to styling cream.

Here we are on Day One.

The first few days pass in giddy delight: The Hair is straight without being flat, and it dries in a finger snap. The shine! The shine is spectac, as whatever the IRS does to de-wave the hair also makes my highlights pop. Other benefits include repair to damaged follicles, UVA/UVB protection, and strengthening of hair weakened by chemical processing.



eVolution Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and Blowout Treatment

Week Two! Looking good, thanks to the products pictured here. I mainly hate sulfate-free shampoos, which is silly, I know, because they are so much better for your hair. I’ve said it before: I just don’t feel like The Hair is clean if there’s not an abundance of suds. Not the case here! This feels really effective, and the conditioner is excellent as well. Sometimes the conditioner half of a sulfate-free duo can be utter rubbish, in that I have to use nearly three times as much as with a regular concoction. Not so with this stuff.

I especially liked the Blowout Treatment: I’ve been enamoured of oils for years now, it seems, and this cream has me kind of converted back to more old school stylin’. Two pumps will do ya; I will say that one needed to do rather a lot of pumping to get the flow going, as it were. I don’t know it that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

All the products are loaded up with Argan Oil. I have been wary of Argan Oil in the past, as it tends to dull down blondeness, but I didn’t have any issue with that in this instance.

We are at Week Five. This is when it all started to go to pieces the last time. You can see some of the thickness coming back, but it still looks pretty sleek.

Week Eight, and I didn’t use the magical Evolution brew — can you tell? Of course you can.

WEEK 11!
Week Eleven! Seriously! That would have made it… the first week in May. So very pleased.

I have to say, just yesterday, when I was wringing my hair out prior to blasting it dry, I realised that I was wringing my hair out, and had a sad. The IRS is all gone now, and I can really feel it. Hmmm, must give the shampoo and conditioner a go, and see how well they do on their own…
They do pretty darn well. Seems like I’ve got straight hair on tap!


I got my Intense Revival System treatment at Queen Salon, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.
€55 including blow dry

Evolution Keratin products are available from the salons that offer the IRS. See http://www.evolutionkeratin-eu.com and @EvoProof for more info.


Evolution Intense Revival System: An IRS You’ll Adore

Every time I looked at the press info for this stuff, my stomach did an unpleasant little flip. Clearly, Evolution’s Intense Renewal System does not originate from the States, because that acronym has only one meaning, and it’s got nothing to do with making you feel sleek and sexy.

This stuff, IRS Boxhowever, certainly does. Four weeks and a bit ago, I was asked along to Queen Salon in Aungier Street, Dublin 2, to take the IRS’s treatment for a spin. It’s along the lines of the class of keratin twelve week blowdry, only this is far less chemically, and lasts for four weeks {or does it? We shall see…}

I never went in for one of those twelve week yokes. My hair is too fine, and colour treated, and frankly, I was afraid. I was even a little worried about this, but Queen’s Salon Director, John Maher, calmed my fears. ‘This is suitable for almost everyone, as it enriches the hair with Keratin and reduces frizz without taking out the natural movement,’ he explained. “It is a really easy in-salon treatment taking less than 15 minutes, on top of your usual blow dry.’

What about my highlights? I was instilled with a fear of double-processing from when I was a wee un. ‘When we refer to double processing as hairdressers, we mean that overdoing it with chemicals is to be avoided,’ he said. ‘The good news is there are no harmful chemicals in the IRS treatment: only keratin, the natural protein of which the hair is constructed.’

Okay! Let’s go for it!

Here’s my hair after it had been drenched from root to end with the product. There was a brand advisor present, and she told my stylist that the recommended dosage was 15mls. 15 mls for The Hair! Ha!

Er, it did actually amount to that, in fairness. At this stage, I was already impressed by its apparent magical qualities.

In a smart move, the stylists who had gathered round my chair decided to just blast The Hair dry, in the same exact way I do it every day, except in this case, I didn’t flip my head over. With two of them at it, it took no time at all to dry. John points out that ‘the IRS is a conditioning treatment that will add strength and shine to the hair, making it easier to blow dry and manage.’ Saw the proof of that immediately!

Let’s everybody straighten it! I felt like the Cowardly Lion, in the best possible sense.

Don’t know why I got my bitchface on, because off-camera, I was warbling with delight. My hair was sleek, shiny, and poker-straight without feeling flat and lifeless. Oh! I really hope this does last!

So… did it?!?

As seen the next day, after horseriding. The Hair never looks like this after a lesson, ever. It was sweaty at the roots, sure, but the ends fell back into place like nothing had ever happened.

Three weeks and bit later! Now, I have to say that I do believe the Canadian water had something to do with its extra smooth smoothness, but still looking shiny and drying super fast.

Home again, and drying time is starting to creep back to normal levels, and I’m using a bit more styling product than I had been. But still! We are coming up to five weeks.

Second day hair! I ask you.

THE VERDICT is that I would deffo do this again, and really recommend it. If you’re going on holiday, and don’t want to be bothered with a bunch of styling products, then I can’t imagine a better way to deal with yer barnet.

And you don’t have to do your hair straight-straight: you still keep your volume, and yet any frizz goes buh-bye.

Also! This process takes only 15 minutes in addition to your regular blow dry.

Never thought I’d say this, but: gonna miss you, IRS.


Currently available exclusively at Queen Salon, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.
€55 including blow dry