A New Favourite Outfit

There’s a Clarins launch tonight, that I hope to get to — feeling like I am battling off that stupid tummy lurgy that has been felling people left, right and centre. Anyway, I am reminded about an outfit I liked so much that I took a photo of it. {Reminded because I wore to another launch hosted by the lovely PRs I hope to see tonight.}

Circles! And a nice semi on the toe of my Dué Ballerina FitFlops about which I have yet to blog… because they don’t really fit all that well. And I am still in denial about it, a bit.

Anyway! The dress is from Penneys, and the hose is Wolford, and I can tell you truly that they cost exactly 3.69 times the amount of the dress. Which just goes to show… something.

This ensemble: definitely making the trip across the water with me at The Christmas.

Also, circles are my favourite shape.


What’s your favourite shape???