Haiku Review: Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigiuex

Eye creams are rubbish,
Thought I, until I tried this.
Lids firm on contact.

I will be waxing ecstatic on the Prodigieuse-ly delicious scent of Nuxe’s Huile at a later stage, but I couldn’t resist getting this out now. Mainly because in the struggle to do this poetry thing, this is the one that seemed to flow out of my pen — actually, my fingertips — fairly immédiatement.

Nuxe Paris is all about essential oils and botanicals and research, about not testing on animals, and this particular line is covering the anti-oxidant, anti-aging side of the road. My favourite ingredient has to be the Polyphenols of Blue Everlasting Flower, because it jsut sounds so pretty, but there’s all manner of other good things in this thing.

The thing is, I applied one wee pump’s worth and my skin felt right and tight right away — not tight tight, but pulled together, firm. I mostly find eye creams to be a waste of time because they don’t seem to do anything, but this one does. Another thing this does is act as a decongestant. I was all like, uh, sure it does — but it does. It feels like… well, it’s not as gross as when you’ve got a cold and your nose has been stuffed up and then it finally, you know, clears out, but there is that element to it. Like all sorts of nasty things are draining away. (Where? Down my neck? Do I need a decolleté cream now?)

Oh, and there’s a Créme Prodigieuse for day and nuit, too! Your face can smell lovely, 24/7.

Contour des Yeux Prodigiuex: €18.50/£14.50/$28

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