Manky Nails: An Update

Well, I broke a nail this weekend. If you’re not interested in reading about things equestrienne… well, try it, you may like it.

So, I’m going to have to make all my nails match, lengthwise, and start the Nail Envy over. The fact that I broke the nail on Saturday and haven’t bothered to file them all down to size tells you everything you need to know about my nail care habits.

I refer you back to the weirdy shape of my nails, and I must add that I am the world’s worst varnisher. I am so, so bad at applying nail varnish, I could make the Hall of Shame. It’s a lack of patience, I think, more than anything else. Even when I get them done, I always — always — manage to muck up at least one nail.

I will say, though, that keeping the Mavala Cuticle Oil next to my laptop is making a huge difference in my ability to at last swipe the stuff on once a day. Is it having an effect? Well, they look wonderfully smooth and healthy upon contact with the oil, but I think they are even more peely than usual. I suspect that this is because all the yucky dead skin is giving up the ghost. We’ll see…

Mavala Cuticle Oil [10ml] €13 [approx.]/£10.95/$11


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