OMGifting: It is Almost Christmas

… or whatever holiday you celebrate, it doesn’t matter — where did the time go?!? Sheesh! I’ve got some suggestions if you’ve got a bunch of Secret Santa/Kris Kindle/or this other thing I came across on the intertubes the other day: a Yankee Swap. As Wiki says in the link, it’s a North American thing, but not in my region, thanks very much. It may or may not involve stealing! Wha’?!

Well, that took my mind off the fact that not only is it no time at’all ’til gift-exchanging time, I am also probably way late with a feature like this. On the other hand, that is so exquisitely apt that I am impressed with its conceptual correctness.

Okay! Never mind! Last minute gifts that are amazing and don’t look last minute!

LUSH Christmas Tweets Eh, everyone knows that these pre-wrapped things shriek ‘I ran around like a nutter on the High Street at 9pm on September 23rd!‘, but Lush present such an astonishing variety of price ranges/size-of-boxes that you can surely satisfy more than one person on your list. I love the Christmas Tweets, because of the colours of the wrapping paper, and because of the contents, naturally: a Three Gold Rings Bubble Bar, Snowcake Soap, a Butterball Bath Ballistic, and 60g of Tiny Hands Hand Serum. The USA version comes with a sample of Créme Anglais Body Lotion. Don’t know why we don’t get that over on this side of the pond. Humph.

HE-SHI Liquid Mitt Set I don’t know about you, but if we have another snowpocalyse, I’m going to be way better prepared this time. I’m going to have rum, and a blender, and stuff to mix with the rum in the blender, and I’m going to tan myself up with what I consider to be one of the best self-tans going, I’m going to draw the curtains, put on some Jamaican steel drum music, and pretend I am in the islands. Oh, wait, I’m already on an island. Let me clarify: a tropical island. And, oh, wait, I’m supposed to be giving this cunning little box of tan to someone else. Damn.
€26/£20/Not available in the US but you can order from

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection I tend to treat anything that claims to be ‘ultimate’ with a healthy degree of suspicion, but holy schmokes, this is actually the ultimate bath and shower oil collection. Do you have a need that might be soothed by a soak in a tub or under the spray of a shower? This contains many a scented concoction to suit many a need. You can Relax Light or you can Relax Deep; you can De-stress Your Mind or your Muscles; You can Revive in the Morning or Evening; there are three different categories of Support for mind, body, and spirit. The packaging is stylish, and the thing’s got heft; whoever the lucky giftee is will be completely impressed.
RRP:€54.95, but goes for €47.95 on£53/$86

Best of Cowshed set With products named Grumpy Cow, Wild Cow, and Horny Cow, how could you go wrong? {If the silly cow you give it to has no sense of humour, that’s how.} This is representation of the line’s six signature scents, and two of them are in candle form, and the packaging lives up to the high standard of the brand’s design. I deserve a medal for not cracking into this myself, for I am a Greedy Cow. But I didn’t, so: Virtuous Cow?
€59.95/£42/$57.27 on

Orofluido Gift Box I’ve got loads to say about the Orofluido hair care system, but we’ll get back to that when I start talking {and talking, and talking} about shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioners. The Hair Elixir was my gateway product, and I was summarily hooked: it’s got argan oil in it {what hasn’t? I ask you} and it smells gorrrrgeous, and gives you a true salon finish. Accompanying it is an atomiser of sparkly powder for the hair, which carries that gorrrrgeous scent. Aw, heck, spray it all over yourself, why don’t you?
€29.95/£26.99/not available in the States, and goes some way towards making up for the Lush thing.

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