Clean the Slate: Matis Biphase Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover

Ooh, sparkly at Christmas! Any excuse to shimmer, as far as I’m concerned, and this time of year is just one big enablement. But how best to clean the slate so you can you can start fresh on the morrow?I have found it useful to revisit products now and again. Sometimes, in the column I write for The Evening Herald, a category can be so strong that a product may not hold up well against the others. Not fair, you sing out? Well, them’s the breaks in the cutthroat world of the beauty biz.

In the interest of fairness — despite being tough as nails [oh, if only my own actual nails were as tough!], I do tend to like give things another go or two. I did so with Matis’ Réponse Yeux Biphase Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover, and I didn’t regret it.

I think it was the oiliness that put me off originally. You give the container a shake and the two bits — the oily bit and the aqueous bit — combine to create a seriously excellent removal substance. I am not one for blinding anyone with science, but I did look for more info on the oily/aqueous business, to no avail. So, we’ll just say that in this case, oil and water do mix to good result.

I don’t know about the ‘lips’ part, I didn’t really have any use for it as I’m big into the lipgloss these days. I suppose some of the more permanent-wearing lipsticks would benefit from a swipe of this stuff, but the notion of tasting it makes me go all wiggly. On the eyes, though, this is pure win. Bonus: you don’t need much to get the job done, so it works out to be good value.


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