Sweet Sixteen: Benefit Erase Paste

Sometimes, you just get tired of product, right? Of having to use like eight million things at time — primer, foundation, powder, and who knows what else?

I know: sacrilege! But honestly, why in the world do I need to put on, say, concealer, when I don’t have dark circles? Why bother? Surely foundation is sufficient?

I staunchly stood by this conviction until I got my brows waxed in the Benefit Brow Bar in Brown Thomas.I was sitting around, waiting my turn, and one of the make up artists decided to play around with my face. Now, I’m not going to say no when a trained professional wielding the tools of her trade wants to have a go. Especially at Benefit, because they don’t do makeovers, they do make up lessons, so I reckoned maybe I’d learn something.

Well. I learned that you can give yourself new eyes with the swipe of a concealer brush, or the pat of a fingertip. I was actually shocked to the point of fear by how effective Benefit’s Erase Paste is. It is kind of ridic. Actually, it is completely crazy: A little dab of this on a daily basis, and I’ve got my sixteen-year-old face back — but improved. My eyes light up like stars, and because I am stunned with how well this works, I have a hard time not walking around looking like someone’s just pinched me on the bum.

It’s not without flaw, and is not completely magic, as it does tend to collect in the creases below the eye. Since I am not an arbiter of Botox-face, I do smile and wince and generally emote in all manner of ways, and inevitably the Erase Paste is going to find its lowest level. There’s really nothing to be done about that, as far as I know, and if anybody’s got any advice — other than ‘don’t move your facial muscles’ — I’d be interested in hearing it.

I am lovin’ this, and don’t even get me started on High Beam


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