Sweet Sixteen: MAC Beauty Powder

Okay, basically, this is a powder made out of beauty.

Seriously: I don’t know what it is about this. It is like you brush it on and brush off about fifteen years of your age. I started wearing it in the line of duty, and now I won’t be seen without it. It catches only the prettiest rays of light, and makes your face reflect them like you were a princess or a celebrity.

I use this as I would a compressed powder: using a big, plush brush, I lash this all over my face. It doesn’t look like much until you go outside in natural light, and woo sister, wait’ll you see that. It is amazing.

And one time I was in a fancy loo in a hotel somewhere, and they had a mirror that was framed by those Hollywood dressing-table lights and holy crap, you can’t even imagine how good the Beauty Powder, and by extension, my face, looked when illuminated.

The version I am addicted to is from the S/S 11 collection, and it’s called Fashionflower. I don’t even want to think what I’m going to do when I use it up. Do you know how rare it is for me to use something up? There is always something else coming through the letterbox to catch my magpie-like attention, so the notion that this is good enough to earn my undying love = hen’s teeth.

I think that MAC do versions of Beauty Power with every collection — if I wasn’t away, I would chase up this info, and I probably will do one I am back in the office*, so if I can look forward to a new Beauty Powder every season, OMG. My princess celebrity face is secure.

I know this doesn’t look like much, and you are all probably like, ‘Sue, forealz?!’ Also, this looks way too pink to just brush all over your face willy-nilly, but it isn’t, and I promise — I promise — that this is as good as I say it is. Not that everything isn’t as good as I say it is, but THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS I SAY IT IS.


*Ahhahahahahhha, the office. Haaaa.

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