Daphne Guinness for MAC

Legging it to the post office to collect packages is like my avocation. I don’t even have to show my i.d. anymore, all the post dudes know me, and are curiously incurious as to what exactly I am always collecting.

Luckily, MAC sent a registered package, so it didn’t disappear over the hols when I wasn’t around to fetch it. Talk about happy face! Daphne Guinness for MAC is then newest collection by the famously funky brand, and the two bits I got look good.

I received Circa Plum, a self-described ‘frosty dirty mid-tone lavender’. I had to google MAC pigments because I seriously had no notion where to put this, on my face. It transpires that this is eyeshadow — I’ll get back to you on how this works out.

The Red Dwarf Pro Longwear Lipcreme needed no explanation. Here’s me in my un-sexy glasses {left my sexy ones on the plane, waah} sporting the colour, sans lipliner, and I am impressed with it, and with myself. I didn’t even use a brush, which I would normally think was completely necessary when dealing with a MAC lippy. The round, flat top of the stick is usually a divil to get right, but it seems to be okay here. As with all lipstick in the Lipcreme line, it feels soft and light, yet the colour looks deep and rich.

General consensus on the line seems to be that it’s not as wild as one would have expected from Ms Guinness, but I like what I see. I’m keen to get my hands on one of the brow pencils, as I am still all about me brows.

Both the pigments and the lipcremes are limited edition, and as this stuff tends to sell out fast, check out the line and snap up your faves. If it’s not too late…

Pigment: €24.50/£15.50/$20
Lipcreme: €20/£15.50/$17


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