Let’s Not Take it For Granted

I just googled something for my other blog {flyingchanges.wordpress.com; horses} and when I clicked on the top link, I didn’t even register that of course the first link is going to be Wikipedia, and when the scary black page came up, I gasped.

I don’t know where I’d be without a search engine, without my email, without all those horoscope sites. I wouldn’t be here, right this very second, in your inbox, in your browser. I wouldn’t have been able to buy a ticket for my Christmas holidays, or to buy books that I can’t find in shops, or to even think that self-publishing my third novel {stay tuned!} without the freedom of t’internet. What would I do if I couldn’t self-diagnose?!? < Hmm, the less I do that the better, actually.

The irony of having to google SOPA, and the other thing, PIPA, was not lost on me. Nor was the fact that I was first alerted to the whole boycott deal via Twitter. That’s how it works now, friends, and as for me, I’ll do everything that needs doing to keep free access to the intertubes afloat — even if it’s just blogging about beauty.


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