Treat Yourself: Carter Beauty’s Hydrating & Boosting Facial

Two things occurred to me as a result of the Dermalogica Hydrating & Boosting Facial in Carter Beauty, Blackrock I got last week:  one was a momentary flitter of a thought near the beginning of the treatment, and the other came about two hours later. The fact that anything could occur to me at all, either during and after such a relaxing experience is something of a miracle, but here we go.

First thought: there is no way I could be good at being a beauty therapist, as I was struck by the complete silence of my extremely able consultant, Katie. I talk to myself all the time — and I may have just made an exclamatory sound right this second, as in ‘Ha! That’s right!’  in response to my own thought. I mutter to myself all the time. And I’ve stopped caring that is sad and weird to occasionally mumble-sing when I’ve got my earbuds in. So there I’d be, trying to give you a nice spa experience, and I’d be going, *uh*, ‘Where did I put that effing cleanser — oh, yeah.’ And then I’d probably hum along with the music, even if it was pan pipes, and talk about a disaster. I would be fired probably before I even finished the facial.

Happily, I didn’t think of much after I acknowledged this personal discovery, and let my mind clear entirely {I’ve finally copped on to the common sense of asking for a list of products after the treatment, so I’m not trying to memorise as we go along.} I can tell you that my love for Dermalogica is never so strong as when it is being applied by a professional, and when the products used come from all across their range. No less than ten potions/lotions were swept, massaged, and let sink into my skin over the course of an hour {It felt like an hour? But one of those really short hours that should last longer?} Of particular note was Katie’s prowess with pressure points: much attention was paid to those that circle the eye, and wowee, it felt amazing.

Afterwards, I walked around a bit, showing off my shiny, hydrated and boosted skin; however, I had plans for the evening, and I wasn’t too keen on going out completely bare-faced. This leads to my second thought, which may in fact actually be a realisation. When you get your skin all hydrated and boosted, it creates the perfect canvas for your make up. I know: duh. It never struck me before, I suppose because I don’t generally do anything after a treatment except hope I can get home without curling up for a nap on the bus stop. Anyway, radiance doesn’t even begin to cover it, so if you have an event or something and want to look even more smashing than usual, I’d give this a go ahead of the big day.

Plus, you get a wee giftie of the Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit containing Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, Multi Active Toner, Intensive Moisture Balance, Gentle Cream Exfoliant and Intensive Eye Repair Cream — a €30 value for nothin’. Since it’s been so cold and raw lately, this is a really good antidote, and thanks to the kit, you can keep up appearances on your own.

Carter Beauty Dermalogica Hydrating Facial is €65. Carter Beauty is based at 40 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Tel: 01-2103624.

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