Where’d I Put My Serenity?

Just had a trawl through my post history, hoping that I had already written something that I’d forgotten publish… no such luck…

Hmmm, let’s talk about stress.

I’m feeling a little less freaked out about packing, but not by much. I get this horrible sort of swirling tension that buzzes along my nerve endings, which causes me to jump up off the couch and pack a box. My packing is always so organised at the beginning, and then towards the end — and I am not very close to the end — I find myself with boxes that have, like, three books, a few knick knacks, sets of matching bras and panties, and condiments in them.

Hate this.

I’ve been trying to focus on my breath, which every yogi and Louise L Hay practitioner worth their salt knows is the key to calm and serenity. I’m doing it right now, and all the cray-cray that was started to zap due to writing about said cray — well, it’s calming down. It’s also causing me to keep my focus on one thing, although not for long: in the time it took me to type that colon and continue on with the sentence, I have sent two texts, checked Facebook, called up the An Post website, and considered plucking up a few more disparate objects and packing them in a random box.

Generally, when I am feeling overwhelmed, I light a bunch of candles, burn a tonne of incense, maybe run myself a bath chock full of soothing bubbles {Avon discontinued a gorgeous Lavender & Jasmine soak that makes bubbles like you’ve never seen before; the internet says you can buy it, but I’ve been assured that these sites are probably not reliable}. Great! Except I’ve used up all the incense, packed up all the bath stuff, and the candles — did I pack up all the feckin’ candles?

Much less my serenity… ah, sure, this will all be a thing of the past sooner than I can say I haven’t taken Rescue Remedy in years , do I still have that spray?

So if I’m not posting, I’m packing, and I’ll be back, full steam, in less than a week.

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