How to be Bright & Beautyfull Whilst Moving House

Yeah, sorry, I have no idea.

I suppose one can be bright and beautyfull whilst moving house when one just sweeps on one’s full length sable and simply walks out of the old mansion and into the new one, because one’s admin has organised the whole thing, and the help have packed up all the Waterford and whatnot.

Of course, the full length sable bit is BAD, we don’t support furs around here, only when it is still on the animal.

Speaking of grooming {lol} there’s no point in it when you are only going to become unkempt within seconds of hauling around the first box, right? And sartorially, I mean, what does one wear when carrying things of a variety of heft?

My manky nails are even mankier, of that’s possible, and I have an anxiety zit, which never happens! I feel like dirt has sunk into my pores, down to my bones, and I feel dry and itchy all over.

I was extremely fortunate in all the help I received, and thanks to all the ladiez, with a particular shout out to Kipper, who cuddled in my lap in Wendy’s car. Nothing like a dog for a huge dose of comfort.

In the spirit of optimism, I am going to spend this week getting myself back up to speed. What products will get me there?!?

Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “How to be Bright & Beautyfull Whilst Moving House

    • I got the Nail Envy, and it’s sitting right there, and I am not using it… it’s like, I keep wishing my nails will de-mankify themselves, by themselves, in my sleep…

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