Am I Toner Deaf?

I’ve always been a bit suspicious of toner, in that I’ve felt it an unnecessary part of a beauty regime. If you’re cleansing, do you really have to tone? I say this having been using Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion since, oh, forever. What am I even talking about?

I am talking about how every other toner I have tried doesn’t have the same oomph as does the above. Even though it is not labelled as a toner, it certainly has the qualities that I am looking for: gets rid of any lingering vestiges of make up; shrinks my pores; feels tingly. Most toners don’t feel tingly, and I guess that is the thing I miss the most when I am using other brands.

But wait! Is that tingle bad? I am guessing it comes from the witch hazel which figures as an ingredient in all iterations of the Lotion; I think many aestheticians would convince us that the tingle is bad, but I do love it. It makes me feel clean and refreshed.

In the midst of the moving madness, I didn’t lose my CCL, but it did take me a day or two to dig it out. In the interim, and because, hey, this is my job after all, I decided to give Matis’ Réponse Vitalité Energising Lotion a go. Another lotion! I dunno, lotion to me is a cream, but hey, whatever. This comes in a spray, which I resisted at first, but after a day of lugging boxes, a couple of quick spritzes was as good as spending some quality time in a spa.

Seriously, this is very refreshing, and it’s orange colour made me smell oranges? I am easily led. {There is vitamin C in this, though, so I can rationalise this.} This is also full of ethyls, propyls and methyls: nothing to make my skin go ‘ooh! tingle!’ and certainly nothing I know anything about. I don’t usually give a toss what’s in a thing I like, and in that tradition, since I like this, I’m not going to go mad over science-y stuff I don’t understand.

Just refreshed my face again, and this doesn’t smell like oranges, not in the slightest, and it’s the bottle, not the liquid, that is orange. Bless my heart, honestly. I suppose I need a boost to my sacral chakra, or something.

Post-spritz, this works like any other toner, and you remove excess product with a cotton pad. There is no lingering stickiness, which I have found to be an unfortunate property of many toners. I think this is a keeper, and can totally see myself having it to hand when the summer* comes, and the blistering heat** encourages to me seek refreshment.


*What is a summer?
** Ahhahahahahahahahhaha

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