In Which I Get Botox and Restalyne in My Face {I}

I don’t know if it actually needs saying, but of course all opinions on this site are my own.

All reactions are my own, too, and are mainly emotional, and I have given myself a lot to react to this morning.

I didn’t know it when I woke up, but by midday I was going to have ‘work’ done.

Now, I freelanced at New York Magazine when the Bride of Wildenstein hit the collective consciousness — in fact, I think I may have done that layout, which would explain why it is burned into my personal consciousness. Spend a day staring at the debacle made of that woman’s face, and you’ll know what I’m talking about it. You couldn’t bear to look, but you couldn’t look away, and we all felt smug about how we’d never mess around with ourselves like that.

Having said that, as I age, there are one or two things going on that have given me pause. Most recently, maybe in the last six months or so, was the appearance of bracket-y things by my mouth. Sometimes I’d sit in front of a mirror and gently draw back the skin at my jaw, which did the miraculous thing of smoothing them out, and the diabolical thing of making me look like Kathryn Hellman in Brazil.

The gully between my eyebrows? Eh, I’ve had that since I was twelve, I think, and whilst it hasn’t ever fallen beneath my notice, I don’t focus on it so much.

Or so I thought, until Dr Peter Prendergast, from Venus Medical in Dundrum, asked me what I’d like to get treated for, and I immediately pointed to my forehead and said, ‘This.’

Whoa. After a thorough explanation as to how the Botox would take care of that, and the Restalyne would take care of the bracket-y things, I was flat on my back in a treatment chair. The palms of my hands were pouring sweat — it was not really the best time to realise that I have a thing about needles? That I didn’t know I had? That sort of came up when I was getting my tattoo two years ago, but I put down to the extreme noisyness of the process? Uh, guess what, needles freak me out, and from the first mention of the word ‘injection’, I came over a little breathless.

Which has nothing to do with the prowess of Dr P; the word ‘deft’ comes to mind, and less than half an hour later, if that, I was waiting for my taxi home. My face was numb around my mouth, but that began to wear off almost immediately. I chatted, a bit mutedly, with several gals, in the waiting room, and all the while, my head was spinning: what had I done?

There is so much to unpack here, not the least of which, is that as I write, my anxiety has diminished measurably {I think I worried Rachel — sorry Rachel! The needle thing, I had no idea!} and while it’s still sore around my mouth… it looks —

It looks remarkable.

Uh oh.

Well, I’ve just decided that I can’t do this one post. Actual information about the process is to follow, along with the details of this sudden existential crisis.

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