From the Archives: Neutrogena Wave Duo

I am still sort of tip-toeing around my face, if you know what I mean. I have to google it up, but I haven’t given myself a mask in three weeks, and am only lightly exfoliating. This is of course due to The Botox.

I was daydreaming about giving myself a good scrub, and I came across this review of Neutrogena’s Wave Duo, which I had liked very much at the time. I remember I wasn’t so chuffed with the way in which the cleansing pads — which affix to the end of the Wave — were packaged: in a plastic-y wrap that didn’t close up tight. The images don’t appear to evidence a change in that approach.

I don’t think I feel secure enough in my skin {literally and figuratively} to use, but I highly recommend it as a handy and effective gadget for your continued self-care. Although, now that i think about it, I have a feeling that this didn’t make it across in the move… nope, I’m sure it didn’t, so I won’t trouble St Anthony. Ah, well. This is cheap as chips at €9.99, so I may just have to go out and get myself another one — when I finally feel like the, er, foundations have totally settled…

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