A Confession

I am really crap as regards SPF. Like, it’s probably in most of the stuff I use, but… if it’s not, it doesn’t even occur to me to supplement it.

Yesterday, on my way to horseriding, I met a lovey crowd of women from Image Skincare* who said, with confidence, that I must be swimming in SPF, because I am so often out of doors.

Uh, no, not really. Oops.

I had gotten a bunch of sun protection creams and lotions and sprays last year, but unfortunately, my request for actual sunshine was ignored. Must see if God has a new email address. And yeah, yeah, yeah, there are always rays of badness beaming down from the sky even when it is overcast, I know — I know! But I still don’t bother.

I should probably start bothering. I’ve still got those samples from last year, and I expect the only thing that has changed is that they probably have even more SPF than they did in 2011… I’d better root them out of the cupboard and begin a new regime.

But, but, they are not body lotion, right? They will not make my skin fragrant and soft. However, no amount of lotion will save my skin from pigmentation and wrinkling and all that bad stuff. Why isn’t there an SPF thingie that is fragrant and softening?

Or is there?!?! If you know something I don’t, please, do tell!

*Cool stuff bestowed, will fill you in later or tomorrow.

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