In Which I Get Botox and Restalyne in My Face {VII}

I wrote yesterday that it kind of feels like the muscle{s} in my forehead are frozen.

Kind of? Definitely.

I had a very emotive couple of days: on Saturday, I had a lovely meal with a pal before heading to the theatre; both events encouraged me to react with expressions, like laughter, that made me very conscious at the limited range of movement in my forehead.

On Monday, I had a gloriously boozy, sun-filled lunch with a neighbour in her beautiful garden, and as the rays hit my face, I wondered if maybe the Botox would start bubbling up, maybe? Boiling out of my pores. Honestly. I need to read even more forensic crime fiction, and get this nonsense out of my system.

However, it is true that headaches can be a result of this treatment, and between the laughing and the sunshine, I had a low-grade mal de tête for three days. Not enough to take any tablets {can I take tablets?? Will they interact unfavourably with the — oh, stop!} but enough to be aware that I had a headache because I had Botox.

There are reasons why all those Hollywood betches are so pale and expressionless…

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