Colour Me Impressed!

Okay, let me begin with a disclaimer: the nicks on the Sally Hansen Greige Gardens were in place before I even left the house. I had taken delivery of it just before I was heading to the horses; in a fit of inspiration, I lashed it on, and then proceeded to feck it up within minutes. The thing I am looking at here, and as regards the Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Karl Says That’s Trés Chic {whew, that’s mouthful}, is chipping and peeling.

No chipping and peeling a’tall! Even after a lesson of focused flat work, which means that we pretty much didn’t stop for the guts of an hour. This means that there was no sitting around waiting to jump, and that means that my hands were in use the whole time — so that means that the gloves-on-nails effect was in total play.

Time to up the ante, though, as the thumb and forefinger don’t curl around the reins, and therefore don’t suffer as much friction as the rest of them. I think there is a full manicure {or, since I’ll be doing it myself, a ‘manicure’} in my future this holy day weekend. And then we’ll see who is impressed!

{Ach, the state of my cuticles!}

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure retails for €8.95; Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer goes for €2.49

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