Hello, Holiday!

Well, that is simply, fantastically orange.

In real life {not via iPhone} the pigment of that orange is so dense, it’s like paint.

And, that’s just one coat on the supermodel thumbnail, which should probably have its own Twitter account at this stage.

I rang Brown Thomas to find out the price, and then forgot to write it down, and now I don’t want to ring them back, because, you know, my voice is so unmistakable — yeah, okay, Conley.

So here I am, holding for Harvey Nicks… hmm… wow, really? I’ve lost track of the number of rings… well, fair play to them, being too busy to answer the phone…

Okay, House of Fraser! Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Return of the operator… who put me through to some poor girl who just happened to pick up the phone — okay, €22.

Once I get my cuticles seen to by a professional, I am going to do all my nails in Holiday! {Wait, I’ve said this before, haven’t I? This time, it’s for real!} Or maybe I will just bring this bottle with me to said professional, which makes more sense.

This colour launches at the end of May.

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