How to Make Blogettes Coo

Bloggeresses? Bloggresses?

Or: a bunch of women who write about make up on t’internet.

You make them coo by showing them this:

It is some class of blush/highlighter, and maybe one of the gals could help me out here. I didn’t take a photo of the flipside because I was, like, mesmerised by the sparkle.

So prettttttty.

This was almost as sparkly as Clarins Head Make up Artist, Claude Defresne, whose shimmery trousers were a thing of beauty, too. When he presented this cunning little compact for our perusal , eight beauty bloggers, who really have seen it all, let out a noise that you’d expect to made with the presentation of an even perfect-er Brangelina offspring.

Just wanted to share the glimmer, because the days have been so grey, and I’ll let you know when I find out what this is.

I tried to Google Image Search thisone or two of these things is not like the other…

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