Talk About Bright & Beautyfull! The Transit of Venus

I’m fairly certain I’ve been consulting my horoscope since I learned to read, and if you yourself have not pored over Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, then I don’t even know what you are doing here, reading this blog. {It is never too late to rectify this situation! It is available for download on! And OMG: you can read her other important work, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs here, in its entirety, online!}

There’s all manner of information out there; I think that Mystic Mama has done a great job of distilling some key points. And while I tend to favour the Greek names of the ancient gods as opposed to the Romans, it must be clear that brightandbeautyfull is a celebration of Venus/Aphrodite, and that I am very focused on bringing out the goddess in myself via self-care, self-decoration, and self-tanning {LOL}.

Here are two sites via which to watch via web-cam: Exploratorium and SLOOH Space Camera. I have been saying ‘slooh’ to myself all morning. I suspect that we will be covered in clouds over here in Ireland, but I think I would be watching online regardless, because I am always afraid that even though I know I shouldn’t look at the sun, I will look at it anyway? Like, I’ve got some overwhelming, primal urge to look.

So: inside and online, which is certainly contrary to when the last double transit occurred in the late nineteenth century. Or was it? I dunno. Anyway, do something goddess-y, pretty, and fun later tonight, and even into the early morning!

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