Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Update: Uh. Wow!

The story thus far: I treated my nails for one week with Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener, and also applied ‘his’ Nourishing Oil to my cuticles.

I took the layers of Strengthener off when the week was up, and gave the nails a rest, while faithfully keeping up with the Nourishing Oil.

I reapplied the Strengthener for another week, and removed it yesterday.

Now, if you are the type of person who starts a thing, a thing like this that is supposed to work miracles, and then the miracles are not happening in what you consider to be ‘miracle time’ which would be IMMEDIATELY and so you are like, Feck this, this is not a miracle and then you stop the thing — then you are me.

I complained and complained about my manky nails, and I tried things now and again to unmank-ify them, and gave up. Maybe it’s not all my fault — maybe the products weren’t very effective! The thing is: Dr Lewinn gave me, by the middle of the first week, an indication that this stuff might work. Since I began to have faith in the process, I was inspired to keep it up. And so, as we enter week four of the six week treatment…


My cuticles! Hallelujah! Ridges are diminished, and I had this thing, where the my nails grew kind of curved to the left, and now they are straightening out. Forealz.

When I file them, they don’t feel like they are going to wobble against the emery board — they feel strong.

I cannot wait to paint these bad girls up.

But I must defer that pleasure: one more week of nourishing oil, then another of strengthener, and then — and then!

The Greatest Manicure Celebration Ever Seen on Planet Earth!

2 thoughts on “Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Update: Uh. Wow!

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