If You Have to Return From The South of France…*

… you may as well come back to an absolute fête of lip gloss. {That’s glos du levres en français}{No, it’s not}

From left:
> bella bamba, a sheer bright watermelon
> dandelion, a soft, pearly pink
> dallas, a dusty rose
> sugarbomb, a shimmering pinky nude
> CORALista, which is, unsurprisingly, coral
> hoola, a shimmering golden nude

I dabbed a bit of sugarbomb on my finger, in order to apply it without infesting it with my cooties so that if a pal might like it I can pass it on in good conscience — and it smelled so niiiiice I just about rubbed it all over my face. It is very sparkly, with a light texture, and it also feels somewhat emollient.

This one is subtle, and the fact that I got a few rays of actual sunshine on face, and got some colour that didn’t come out of a bottle, really sets this off.

Each one of these is a match to the powders of the same names, to make it even easier to put together the look you’d like: from tan and glowy in the dallas line, for example, to pale and interesting in a dandelion kind of way.

These are available in July, and go for €19.50/£13.50/$16. Pricey, but if you’re looking for your signature gloss for summer 2012, look no further.


*Because ‘everyone’ says you have to come back… ‘Everyone’ is a total spoilsport, aren’t they???

Also, it’s brillant à lèvres, just in the interest of precision.


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