Notes to Self

> Undo all the plastic barriers and peel off all the foil-y bits on products before getting in the shower!
This seems like common sense — well, yeah, okay, it is common sense, and I seem to be sadly lacking in it. I have a bunch of stuff on the go at the moment, and I remember, too late, that manufacturers are protecting us from tampered-with stuff. Fumbling with trying to strip off the strip-y thing is annoying with wet hands; resorting to using my teeth more often that not results in said stuff  in my mouth. Yuck, on several levels.

>Testing out face masks requires lead time.
Ack! I always forget to do masks — and I love masks! I am not so good at sitting around doing nothing, though. Even reading the internet is problematic because of the reading glasses, and glasses on a masky face is also ‘yuck’.

>In the spirit of the first item, undo all the tops of things in tubs.
Because the unscrewing business is also fiddly with wet hands {TWSS} and also an amounto f water always gets in the tub, and I’m sure that the long-term effects of water-in-tubs-of-product is not good.

I had a couple more, and I can’t remember them… which bodes ill for this list.


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