The Curly Hair Nightmare: Will Sleep-In Rollers Give Me Sweet Dreams?

The big thing in hair in the last few weeks have been things that you put in your hair and then go to sleep.

Sleep-In Rollers are meant to be a super fantastic way to limit one’s GHD use, meaning: protect the hair from getting all fried, without giving up that big, bouncy, curly, big hair look. So, a potentially big leap forward for big hair.

Look! Very pink:

If you google sleep in rollers {or even sllep in rollers, like I did} you can see a bunch of pictures of people with the rollers in their hair, and not too many of them with big, bouncy curls.

CherrySue Doin the Do has tried them and will be posting her results — just keep checking in and give her a million hits.

I am going to give these a try tonight, but I feel like I am maybe experiencing PTSD, because I am feeling all sorts of feelings. Feelings of dread, to be precise. I had a childhood of sleep riven with stabby pains in the head from those old-fashioned foamy things with the pink clips. Remember those?

Which, OMG, you can buy on Amazon right now?!?! Oh, also! Pin curls! Holy God, what a nightmare: hanks of hair twisted up and secured with a crisscross of bobby pins stabbed through the scalp!

I may need to seek professional help.

Well, look, we’ll hope for the best. Good thing I read the packaging, as my memories called up damp hair twisted around those follicular torture chambers — these specify clean, dry hair.*

Okay! See you tomorrow with whatever kind of hair I end up with!


*Although I am thinking that second day hair with some dry shampoo at the roots might work better…? That’s an experiment for another day.


Sleep-In Rollers are available on for €20.45

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