Perfectly Matched: Pandora Charm Bracelet and Me

It was the luck of the draw, really: Pandora are launching a brace of new charms, clips, earrings and pendants — and it just so happens that A} I got one of the new Murano glass beads, based on their animal series, in Tiger, and B} I personally have some beads from when I did a spate of necklace-making back in the mid-00s.

Feeling clever! I found a couple of blue ones that fit the snake chain style of the Pandora bracelet, and lo and behold: it matches perfectly with my rings:

The style is all modern elegance, and their clip system, as far as I know, is unique. You can see one to the left of the Tiger bead: embossed with daisies, this serves not only as a divider, but it’s a decorative element as well. The beads don’t all bunch up at the lowest point of gravity, and you get another fetching visual element.

The blue beads are mine own, and I think I either bought them in London or Brooklyn — or Paris. I can’t remember. Haven’t strung a bead in at least a year, if not more, but I’m inspired now to trawl through them and see if any more will fit.

I must say that my wrist is medium-sized, and I don’t know how many more beads this can carry before I can’t close it? And the closure is invisible, but also fiddly.


More details re: the goods on offer after I stop admiring my handiwork.


Pandora, 35 Grafton Street, D2
Prices for bracelets start at €45; beads start at €29

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Matched: Pandora Charm Bracelet and Me

  1. Hi Susan, Loving the post! It’s fantastic what you have done to the Pandora bracelet, making it unique and just for you. I have never seen anything like it. I work at a Jewellers in the UK (Hull) and daily i see some great different selections of Bracelets being brought in and this is definitely the best Pandora i have seen of late!

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