Ha! I Said a Thing About Milk, Just Kidding, Like, And Look!

Sure, I was only messing the other day when I wrote this, after having talked about Mythic Oil Milk from L’Oréal Professionel:

Hmmm, any other milk-ish products I can cobble together? Call me crazy and cover me in milk???

And then I was tweetling around, and came across this from @Nature7_ie:

As I said: Ha! The link goes here, and seems rather optimistic re: sunburn, but I am feeling so zeitgeist-y right now, I don’t care.

{Insert reference to Cleopatra here.}

I haven’t tried the milk yet, but I did use the Mythic Oil Colour Glow yesterday, since it was on my mind. It’s good! I used a little too much, and remembered struggling with the dispensation learning curve with the straight-up Mythic Oil sample I had last year. Nevertheless, The Hair looked very salon-quality; second day was a bit oily at the roots, but the ends still looked fab.


Nature 7 can be found on nature7.ie, and is a clearinghouse for all things 100% natural, from beauty brands to food products.

2 thoughts on “Ha! I Said a Thing About Milk, Just Kidding, Like, And Look!

  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for the mention re our milk post, We are a little optimistic ! Doubt there’s any risk of sunburn this weekend but you just never know-I’m packing for a trip to Wexford so far have the SPF, summer dress plus a raincoat and the milks in the fridge! , have a great bank hol weekend , Lisa Nature7 x

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