Loving the Lovingly Light Foam from Percy & Reed

Yes! It has been ages since we’ve had an update from the back of the 46A bus.

I got a lovely haircut in Hair Creations in Blackrock Shopping Centre. Ask for Anna, espesh if you have long hair and are sick of arguing with stylists about how they want to cut it all off. Okay, bit of an exadge, but you know what? I take good care of The Hair, and sure, the ends get raggedy, but the heart of it is perfectly healthy, so no, you don’t have to go chop-chop-chop. Anna didn’t even suggest it, and I kept my length — just new, improved, and tidy.

Also: I got Percy & Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask, and it is … does ‘miraculous’ sound implausible? Hyperbolic? There’s only so much I can do, in the back of the 46A bus, to demonstrate this, but I stand behind the following statements. When I use this:

>My hair is really, really — really soft.
>Is so shiny.
>I get astonishingly excellent second day hair.
>My highlights? Higlighty-er! Seriously: massive boost to reflective quality.

What is it like to use? Well, here’s the thing. The directions say to get a wide-toothed comb, dispense some product into your palm, and then draw the comb through the product and onto your hair.

I stand behind these statements as well:
>Working the canister is fiddly. The dispenser is somewhere in between being too sensitive and not sensitive enough, so you’ll have a bit of a learning curve figuring out how much pressure to exert.
>It’s mousse, basically, and fizzles out faster than you’d like, when you’re trying to get it onto the comb.
>I don’t know about your hair, but my hair is like a tangle of vicious weeds after I wash it. Combing in the product is not a goer. I lost a lot down the drain…

…Until I devised my foolproof method: I combed out my hair, and then put this foam in, directly, not via any auld wide-toothed comb.

Leave it in, 3 to 5 minutes, whatever that means, or until washing it out is the last thing you do before you turn the water off.

I stand by ‘miraculous’, even though I had to adapt the application process. Maybe even because I had to, since it worked terrifically anyway. I am being miserly with this, as it’s a guranteed good hair day in a pressurised container.


£20 via johnlewis.com; anyone with euro information, please advise.

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