Out, Damned Spot! Clinique Even Better Hand Cream

At a launch last week, I was testing product on the backs of my hands, as you do, and noticed something new. Not as ‘woo, hoo, new!’, as in: dammit.

An age spot! Damn, damn, damn! And others incipient on the back of my left hand!


Well, look, part of life and all that noise, but I have something — ha, ha — to hand that I am going to start using with the same devotion and focus I gave to the Dr Lewinn’s Nail Strengthening regime.

Behold: Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream. Now, two things. I suppose that all the words were meant to be lower case as per Clinique Style, but it looks too weird in prosy type. <Something like that is probably only important to me {Brenda McC might care, also} but it had to be said.

Second: I don’t use hand cream hardly ever, except when I have to try and test them. My hands don’t suffer from dryness. Unfortch, they now appear to be suffering from spots!


So far? The product presents with excellent absorption and coverage; and whilst not sweetened with the perfumes of Arabia, it has the usual clean, fresh, Clinique-y scent.

So, yeah: I intend to age gracefully, and that involves gracefully applying this stuff so that I don’t age with spotty hands.

Out, I say!



One thought on “Out, Damned Spot! Clinique Even Better Hand Cream

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