Is It Okay Yet? Can I Say the ‘C’ Word?

Not that I want to, really, but I’ve realised that I have always lived in the future as far as The ‘C’ Word is concerned. In high school, we’d start singing ‘C’ Word carols in September, and in my professional life, when I worked on monthly magazines, we were always two months in advance of everything. And ‘C’ WordTime is always features largely.

The daily — nay, instantaneous — nature of blogging has presented a serious challenge in the living-in-the-moment department, something I’ve never been good at it, something I hope I am getting better at, and despite this act of boldness, I’ve restrained myself.

All bets are off tomorrow! Get ready for a ‘C’ word bonanza!

This whole deal drives me crazy on another level, because it brings more stuff to my attention, and I really don’t need more stuff. Especially stuff that is so cunningly and prettily presented. *Sigh*

These posts may double as letters to Santy.

3 thoughts on “Is It Okay Yet? Can I Say the ‘C’ Word?

  1. I’m against any mentions of the C word before the last week of November… but then if these are letters to Santa I guess it is an exception to the rule ;)

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