Festive Face: All is Bright Lip Glaze Set from Stila

What is anyone going to do with eight lip glazes?

What’s anyone not going to do with eight lip glazes?

Seriously, this is like the gift of gorgeous lips for every occasion.

Stila Lip Glazes were new to me, mainly because the brand has had a spotty presence on this island. That’s all changed, and I was delighted to get stuck in to this yoke.

From left: Jack Frost, Jingle, Holly, Jolly, Joy, Splendor, Black Cherry and Sugar Plum. The last two are available all the time; the first six are limited edition.

The brush applicator allows you to apply the glaze with precision. Glaze is not gloss, although these are way glossy. You can’t just feck this on — well, you can, but then it’s not going to look its best.

So: brush applicator on the top of the pen, and you dial up product as needed. Each one smells lovely, and I tried the Jolly and the Black Cherry. Both have really good pigment; the glaze is, by nature, pretty sticky, so don’t eat a bun and expect everything to be a-okay; I am gong through both at a rate of knots.

Biggest appeal is the delicious scent. I wouldn’t be wild about overly fragranced things that go on the face, but these are subtle and delish.

Price-wise? Amaze-Christmas-balls, because I have seen these bad gals for €18 all on their own. This kit is €24/€24.99/$25. From sparkly to matte, from dark to light, this is a variety pack at at its prettiest and most versatile.



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