Jet Plane, Leaving on A: The Cull

CULLED FROM THE HERDThis is spectacularly out of focus, and under normal circs, I would reshoot.

I think it’s out of focus because yesterday I was already flyin’, and then immediately after I shot it I had to be somewhere else, like, pronto, so I didn’t check.

Also: wow, is that really all I am taking? It must be so, because it is in the bag and I am not taking it out again.

See, the thing is: I basically use the same number of things all the time. The brands may change, but the essentials do not. I mean, okay, a million lipsticks/balms, sure! But one moisturiser is most definitely {probably} sufficient.

I do like my routine, and I suppose that having a variety of product at my disposal makes it more difficult to cull.

This may sound like a humblebrag, by the impetus is not to show off — it’s more to show that we absolutely don’t need gobs of stuff to keep our skin healthy, or to enjoy making up our faces.

Unless you want to have to gobs of stuff, etc, and then, well, here’s yer sister, obvs.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to panickedly go see did I pack the power lead for Sir Tony, my Mac AirBook.


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